ace50421. But those were off a 78 chevy pickup i had but the toyota rims didnt fit the chevy because of the center bore. I know back in the 80's American Racing (then ARE) took the Saleen clones and rewelded the holes and drilled them out. -Anthony :Handshake: Discussion Starter • #1 • Sep 19, 2009. Answer Save. I've looked and searched and haven't found a definitive answer/list of interchangability. Favourite answer. Los Angeles, CA. The late model wheels are hubcentric, the wheels center hole fit tight against the hub, and flarenuts simple hold the wheel tight against the hub. Dodge's '94 and up fits Ford's '88 to '98, I do believe. The factory offset is 12mm and I have a 25mm offset rim on it with 265/70r16 tires currently. The wheels were actually designed for a chevy and were made to fit a Ford. Trade ins are accepted! The offset is usually the tricky part, most from et40-50 should be ok. The rims I put on have a diff. 1999 RCSB, 4.8, All Billet 4L60E, Servo, Shift Kit, 2K Stall, Catless, 3 Link SAS, Dana 44HD Front, Dana 60 Rear, 12'' King Double Rate Coilovers 350/300, 16x10 Simulated Steelies, 35'' MT ATZ's, NP 241 Swap, SYE'd I'm selling my weld wheels and I need to know if they will also bolt onto a chevy or ford 8lug? Free shipping . Suburban's, Tahoe's<<