These are whole unmilled organic Einkorn wheat berries sourced from small family farmers in the U.S and Canada. Einkorn has a higher concentration of beta carotene and lutein than modern wheat varieties. Modern wheat is polyploid, making it more complex and our bodies don’t digest it as well. Wheat berries can be used in a variety of ways and stay fresh in an air-tight container or refrigerated if you live in a very warm climate. Ours never looks as white as yours or makes as good of a crust. Commercial millers often treat the whole grain flour with heat to stabilize the germ, but we do not believe in this practice. The farm sells organic emmer, spelt, and einkorn as well as Grünkern better known as freekeh. The cost for shipping can end up being almost as much as the price of the grain itself! Wheat berry is the whole kernel of the common wheat. Here is how to store einkorn wheat berries for maximum freshness: Our einkorn wheat berries are packaged in airtight bags and they will stay fresh in the unopened bag until the expiration date on the package. I think those two things (28 chromosome wheat and freshly ground flour) along with the slow fermentation does wonders for people who ordinarily have a hard time digesting regular grains. We wouldn't recommend sifting the flour because it sounds like you want to eat the whole grain. I was hoping you could talk a little about how working with these different wheat varieties is. Information on many of these grains is hard to come by or tainted by the GMO panic. Required fields are marked *. If you aren’t familiar I’d highly recommend checking it out. I sift out 20% so I'm left with 80% extraction but it's still darker in color compared to your white All purpose and still has a whole grainy taste. My family favors soaking and souring our grains, and you can find several recipes for traditionally prepared sourdough breads and soaked whole grains in Nourished Kitchen: Farm-to-Table Recipes for the Traditional Foods Lifestyle. I did end up using the whole wheat berry. Below, you can see the difference of both types of flours mixed with water, each offering their own unique possibilities in your cooking. The lack of organic certification doesn’t necessarily mean that the grains weren’t grown using sustainable methods, and asking questions of your producer directly is your best avenue for determining whether or not the growing methods of the farmer meet your family’s standards. While I often receive the question, “Which is better?” or “Which is healthier?” I struggle to answer that question. Recipes tasted great just a bit crunchy from bigger pieces. Hi there! Wheat Berries FAQ about Einkorn, Spelt, and More - Mary's Nest says: August 16, 2019 at 7:35 pm Cooking time is somewhere between 30 to 40 minutes. Probably sells other ancient grains, too. An important reminder to those with Celiac Disease- einkorn is not for you because it does contain gluten. For people sensitive to “gluten,” they are typically sensitive to gliadin and glutenin. Later I saw info on your site that said a food processor would not work that you need a grain mill? All you need to do is grind the entire 16oz box of Jovial’s einkorn wheat berries. Einkorn is also sometimes referred to as "farro" or "farro einkorn." Hi Jolene, it's not only that you'll have large bits of wheat berries, when the flour isn't fine enough, the recipes bake up differently. Cook like brown rice, with no soaking required. Whole einkorn berries are also similar to regular wheat berries, and offer a pleasing crunch when heated and popped. Our website allows you to buy whole einkorn berries, get nutritional fact, and print recipes. Hi, I am trying to locate the double sifter you mentioned that you used to sift einkorn whole wheat berry flour to make all-purpose einkorn flour. The resulting flour is then typically sifted to remove most, but not all, of the bran and germ and is a traditional practice in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Cooked einkorn berries aren’t as intense as ordinary wheat berries. Thanks! We have some new products in the works for people who are strictly gluten free, so stay tuned. High extraction flour is a traditionally milled flour that has been sifted to remove some, but not all, of the grain’s original bran and germ. Cooking time is roughly 30 minutes or much less in a pressure cooker. Here’s the answers to some of the most common questions emailed to me about choosing and preparing ancient grains and heirloom wheat varieties. Modern wheat has been progressively hybridized over several generations to improve yield, to increase gluten (which improves bread quality) and for various other reasons. Einkorn contains only 14 chromosomes. Is it einkorn, spelt or emmer? You can add a bit of butter, extra virgin olive oil, pesto, tomato sauce or tamari on top and serve as a nutritious side dish and important source of protein (9g per serving). Good Questions: Einkorn, Spelt, Emmer, Farro and Heirloom Wheat. You can add a bit of butter, extra virgin olive oil, pesto, tomato sauce or tamari on top and serve as a nutritious side dish and important source of protein (9g per serving). are used to baked goods with white flour, we are planning on transitioning slowly, starting by using AP Einkorn flour, with and end goal of using mostly sprouted grains. At the same time, I started a roux as the base to my cheese sauce. Your email address will not be published. Occasionally for what ever reason the stuff just won't rise much so I merely knead some wet bread yeast into the dough. One of our favorites ways to enjoy einkorn wheat berries is to crack and cook them like steel cut oats for a breakfast that will keep you full for hours. If I have a recipe that calls for Kamut, can I do a one-to-one substitution for einkorn? Jovial einkorn wheat berries are grown on just one pristine farm, where we clean and package the grain so you are eating directly from farm to table. We do mill our own einkorn berries but it doesn’t come close your all purpose. Einkorn grows inside an outer husk which is carefully cleaned, without polishing or pearling the grain so you are eating 100% of the bran and germ. Our packaged organic einkorn flour is 81% of the whole grain, which is called high extraction flour. This gets a bit tricky because in Italy, they can call both spelt and emmer f arro, so you cannot always be sure of what you are getting ( Triticum Dicoccum for emmer and Triticum Spelta for Spelt). A fantastic book to get started is Ancient Grains for Modern Meals which not only includes heirloom wheat varieties, but also other whole grains. If you do want to make this investment, do your research and consider getting very good equipment. Einkorn has a different kind of gluten than modern wheat. And Einkorn, by Carla Bartolucci, is an excellent book with many recipes for preparing breads, cakes, pastas and other dishes with einkorn wheat. The sifted bran will look like this. I have whole einkorn flour and I know it is very different than working with whole (modern) wheat. Compared to modern varieties of wheat, ancient grains and heirloom wheat berries typically are lower in gluten (though still higher in protein), as well as higher in micronutrients like minerals and antioxidants. Einkorn Einkorn wheat, also known as farro piccolo, is the world’s most primitive form of available wheat. If you are interested in learning more details, we have more details on our website. If you’re eating out, and you see “farro” on the menu, be sure to ask what kind of farro the chef is using in the dish. These are referred to respectively as farro piccolo, farro grande and farro medio. Any suggestions? Before I share my tips, keep in mind that whole wheat flour is simply wheat berries that have been milled into flour. Jovial is a family-owned company that sells Italian-grown organic einkorn berries … and are now looking to change how we bake, since I cook just about everything from scratch and a LOT of our meals, especially breakfast, include some sort of baked good. The gluten in Einkorn measures the same as any other form of wheat, so no, it … However, spelt has a marginally lower concentration of B vitamins and phosphorus compared to modern wheat varieties. We believe wholeheartedly in our mission and we really need you. Einkorn and Emmer wheat are diploid. I don’t think that any individual grain is necessarily better; rather, they’re marginally different from one another. You will not be able to do this in a food processor, so consider that it is an investment to get a grain mill. You can use ancient grains and heirloom wheats just as you would any modern what and flours, though, in baking, you may need to adjust the hydration levels slightly by adding more water or flour until the dough feels right in your hands. Benefits of Einkorn wheat. How do you get yours so white if it's 80% extraction. Our organic wheat berries will be shipped in 5kg vacuum sealed bags to total your desired weight 5 kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg & 25kg. Einkorn wheat commonly grows wild in the hill country in the northern part of the Fertile Crescent and Anatolia although it has a wider distribution reaching into the Balkans and south to Jordan near the Dead Sea.It is a short variety of wild wheat, usually less than 70 centimetres (28 in) tall and is not very productive of edible seeds. In a culinary sense, the word “farro” on a menu usually refers to any of these three grains cooked as the whole wheat berry, and left whole. Although wheat berries cook and eat like grains, they are botanically a type of fruit called caryopsis. Use them as a substitute for rice in risotto, using the same cooking method. Farmers mill the seed into flour. The Komo grain mill is our favorite, and we also sell 100% whole grain einkorn flour, already packaged if the grain mill is too much. So rather than being a single grain, farro is a collection of three grains and the term farro can refer to any of these three grains. Can you explain your sifting process for the All purpose. Grind the berries in a grain mill for 100% whole wheat einkorn flour. Traditionally milled high extraction flour is prepared first by soaking the grains (upwards of 24 hours) drying them, then grinding them to form a whole grain flour. Supplies You Will Need. A grain mill will give you a nice even grind and allow you to adjust how coarse or fine. How can you make All Purpose Einkorn Flour? You can also add them to a cold salad for added protein and fiber or cool them down and make a cold wheat berry salad with beans and vegetables. With a chewy texture and nutty flavor, our Organic Einkorn Berries are delicious as hot cereal with cream and fruit or in cold salads with bitter greens and a fruity-sweet vinaigrette. We planted 10 acres of Turkey Red this fall…can’t wait to see how it grows and how the quality of the grain will be better. After WWII, as part of the Green Revolution, scientists made some significant changes to heritage wheat that resulted in increased yields and higher gluten content. Cooking time is. Thank you for clearing up the definition of farrow. Since we (kids especially!) Einkorn ancient grain is making a comeback in modern times. Ancient Einkorn is the most primitive form of wheat on Earth. Einkorn wheat flour is a common way to use the grain. This is understandable because they are all varieties of wheat, and since they are composed of the bran, germ, and endosperm, they look the same, too. They have a mouth feel that’s kind of a cross between barley and brown rice — pleasantly chewy, nutty and altogether mild and pleasant. I have your cookbook and use it regularly ... but somehow I overlooked the tabbouleh recipe?? I’m sure the flavor profiles differ some, but how about their ability to form glutens for breads, how much and hoe slowly do they take up liquids? To sprout your berries quicker, you may add 1Tblsp of Raw Whey to each cup of water. If you shop at Vitacost, einkorn berries are $4.49/lb. We use no chemicals and have had very poor yields from saving seed over the years. Their Einkorn berries come in 5-pound and 50-pound bags. The idea that ancient grains have “less” gluten than modern grains is misleading as for people who are truly sensitive to the individual the complex of proteins in gluten, a little or a lot, they’ll still react. To learn more, be sure to watch my Wheat Berries FAQ video. Very clear and easy to understand. While Einkorn wheat does contain gluten, because after all it is a type of wheat, it is much easier to digest. (I have both a Vitamix and a grain mill.) The Secret To Great Gluten Free Pasta Salad. In recent weeks, a glut of questions about ancient and heirloom grains and wheat have arrived in my inbox. Thanks for a wonderful article !! Spelt, which again this is from my research, and the research is ongoing, is the most closely related “ancient” grain to modern wheat. In terms of which is better, they each offer slightly different flavors, with slightly different attributes in baking and marginal differences in the content of their micronutrients. Keep in mind that the book’s author, Maria Speck, who is an astoundingly talented chef doesn’t call for soaking, sprouting or souring the grains so if you wish to soak your grains prior to making her recipes, you’ll need to adjust the recipe slightly. You might be ok with bread, but if you make sweets, they won't really turn out well. Thank you, Jenny, for having one of the most intelligent, well researched resources for traditional cooking methods. or until bulgur is chewable." Owing to a difference in protein structure of the gluten in individual grains, people who react to modern wheat may or may not react to ancient varietals; however, people with celiac disease should avoid them completely until research into grains, gluten and celiac disease indicates otherwise. And for all of you eager to learn to make your own sour dough starter, we will begin next week. History of Einkorn, the Ancient Grain. In Nourished Kitchen: Farm-to-Table Recipes for the Traditional Foods Lifestyle features a chart outlining a wide variety of grains, their individual flavors, their micronutrient profile and how to prepare them. Are you using cups or a baking scale? For the record, that’s not the same thing as ever bit of wheat flour in the world (or in the US, depending on the rumor you heard) being a biotech crop. If you love cooking and miss eating grains, consider using einkorn wheat berries in your recipes. salt, then cover and let stand for 15-20 mins. Emmer and Kamut (khorasan wheat) are a 28 chromosome wheat (tetraploid), with still a high protein content, but lower than Einkorn. 10/30/2006 - Triticum monococcum wheat is also known as Einkorn wheat and small spelt, but do not confuse it with common spelt which is not the same thing. Einkorn wheat berries contain two nutritious parts that are missing in modern wheat: the germ and bran. Removing a portion of the bran and germ increases the stability of the flour, decreasing the odds that the fragile fatty acids found in the bran and germ will go rancid. Hello, what is your process for making your all purpose flower? Thanks, Karla. We pack our einkorn wheat berries right at the farm where they are grown! I appreciate it and the balance perspective you take with including grains in our diet. This was so helpful and informative, and by far one of the most balanced reviews of grains I’ve come across! It does not contain the D genome, only the A genome. And what a farm it is! The D genome is the gluten known to cause so many to suffer gluten sensitivity. Once the husk is removed, we do not polish or pearl the kernel, so you truly get a 100% whole grain product. Kamut (trademark name for khorasan wheat) is my favorite grain to bake bread with because of it’s wonderful flavor that is unlike other wheats (more nutty and not harsh like many modern whole wheats) and because of the companies integrity in guaranteeing GMO free while also building nutrients in their soil. roughly 30 minutes or much less in a pressure cooker. The berries that come from einkorn are the whole grain. I still do not seem to be able to make a light a bread as I would like, even with mature starter. I'm thinking I should have drained off the water (which isn't necessary when using bulgur). A roux is a mixture of equal parts fat and flour used for thickening sauces and soups. I’ll show you how to sift fresh home-ground flour and turn it into your own homemade All Purpose Einkorn Flour. Gluten is simply a composite of various proteins found in wheat and other grains. They can be soaked, simmered like rice, and made into a toothsome salad. In a small bowl, mix together 1 1/2 cups of warm water and 2 tsp of honey. I'm interested in making my own bulgur for Tabouleh. Einkorn berries are smaller than wheat, spelt or kamut berries and can be cooked in a water-to-grain ratio of 2:1 for about 30 minutes, then used as a side dish for meats like fish and chicken, tossed with veggies and dressing for a more hearty salad, and simmered with warming spices like cinnamon and served with Greek yogurt. It’s around 350 years old. I enjoy your writings and have gone back several times reading recipes and articles such as this. Help please. I always freshly grind my grain just before making the dough so the flour won’t be rancid. Below is a list of the different forms of wheat from the most recent … If you grind the berries finer,  you will have warm breakfast cereal that is similar to cream of wheat with oat bran all in one. You can find traditionally milled high extraction flour online. Crack the wheat berries in a food processor, blender or Vita Mix and use as bulgur in Tabouleh. They are both wholesale operations (unless you buy VERY large quantities), but you can contact them for local resellers of their whole wheat berries. Using the technique above, cook until you are pleased with the texture then drain off excess water. It’s not a wheat berry, but I love baking with it! A couple of other resources for whole grains are Wheat Montana and Montana Milling which offer both hard white wheat, hard red wheat, spelt, Kamut and some other whole grains. Join our free community for real food recipes, fermentation tips, and guidance on herbal remedies delivered to your inbox. Einkorn: Man's first wheat, grown by farmers 5,000 years ago. There are very big difference between einkorn, emmer and spelt. While it’s always an ongoing lesson the more research I do from the information I have found is spelt isn’t as closely related to Einkorn, Emmer and Khorosan wheat as many think. The nutrient profile of any given food also changes depending on how you prepare it in your home; sour leavening, for example, increases the folate content of grain. I hope this means that readers are beginning to re-embrace the idea of enjoying grains once again, though they still tend to be viewed as the “bad boy” of the ancestral health movement, with books like Grain Brain and Wheat Belly even taking the idea of grain-free diets mainstream. Instead, cook the berries into porridge and your breakfast routine will never taste the same again! Many thanks for your help! The exception to this is pseudocereals like buckwheat and amaranth which are not true grains at all, but, rather, grain-like seeds of broad leafed plants. Unlike modern wheat, einkorn grows with a protective husk that must be removed before milling. Einkorn wheat berries. Modern wheat (top) is much larger than ancient einkorn wheat (bottom). Thanks! Einkorn has the same amount of gluten as regular wheat, it is just different but nonetheless, not safe for you. Do you have any suggestions for a smooth switch from a ‘normal’ diet to one including more traditional preparations? It is no wonder that modern wheat varieties comparatively require very long pre-soaking and cooking times and is also becoming virtually indigestible by growing numbers of people. Just because a farmer grows heirloom varieties doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she will also adhere to organic standards; however, farmers interested in heirloom and ancient grains are more likely to be similarly interested in organic and sustainable farming. In his studies of traditional diets compared to modern diets, Dr. Price who penned Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, describes how traditional diets were considerably more rich in these trace minerals than modern diets, thereby increasing the health and resilience of the populations who consumed their native diets without heavily processed foods. I would love to order 50 pounds of berries at a time! The Italian milling process includes sifting through graduated sieves that remove precisely 20% of the bran and germ and the milling process itself in Italy is known for very finely milled grains. We make tabouleh with the whole wheat berry. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. What many people don’t understand is that all grains contain gluten – even “gluten-free” grains. It also has 42 chromosomes like modern wheat (hexaploid). We believe the wheat has had to learn to adapt to the drought we have had and is putting all of it’s energy into the plant surviving and not producing berries. Einkorn wheat berries are similar to what some call farro, but farro is made from the emmer variety of wheat and our wheat berries are 100% einkorn. Get the exclusive content you crave straight to your inbox when you join our free community. Wheat berries are common wheat (Triticum aestivum) and can often be found in the bulk section of natural foods stores. However, their shipping is weight-based, and wheat berries are heavy. Farro is an Italian word that encompasses three varieties of heirloom grains: einkorn, spelt and emmer wheat. Also please update with my new email address. We have a recipe in the cookbook for sprouted einkorn tabbouleh that steams sprouted einkorn for 10 mins. We are very delighted to offer this new product and will have new recipes soon! It's extra healthy and very tasty! The interesting things about spelt, while yes lower in gluten than modern wheat, it’s actually not that much lower and it’s protein content is more similar to modern wheat. If you don’t have a grain mill to grind your own flour (I use this one), you can buy whole wheat einkorn flour. Organic Einkorn Wheat Berries. The first step in the recipe is to "combine 1 cup dry bulgur wheat, 1.5 cups boiling water and 1.5 tsp. I sell bread casually and my customer can often eat my fermented sourdough because of the Kamut flour when normally they can’t eat any other bread made with either spelt or modern wheats. Beyond the three grains collectively called farro, there’s also heirloom varieties of wheat – notably Turkey Red Wheat which was brought to the US by Russian and Ukrainian immigrants in the 19th century. When food phytate is deactivated or partially deactivated through soaking, souring or sprouting, the bioavailability of trace minerals like zinc and iron is increased. I mill my berries in a mill and sift. Good. (Crumbs readers can save 20% by signing up for their newsletter!) It is high in vitamins and nutrients, and contains a different type of gluten, which makes it a first choice for many who are gluten sensitive. For our family, we enjoy a wide variety of grains prepared through traditional means of soaking, sour leavening or, to a lesser extent, sprouting. The berries may be sprouted and cooked, cracked, flaked or milled into polenta, porridge, flour or used in versatile ways to replace modern rice or wheat. Third-party certification programs like the National Organic Program help to provide reassurance and information about growing standards, when direct connection to the farmer or producer is impossible. In a previous video, I showed you how to make All Purpose Einkorn Flour, but the technique is the same to make All Purpose Kamut […] Reply. A true breakfast of champions. Hard winter wheat kernels are normally used for wheatgrass? I’ll show you how I mill einkorn flour, adapt recipes for einkorn, make white einkorn flour, and add a lovely artisan crust to my einkorn breads. 26.5 lbs Organic Einkorn Berries in 3.5 Gallon Super-Pail (Free Shipping) Einkorn is a 14 chromosome wheat (diploid) with a much higher protein content than any of the other grains (I’ve read as high as 40%). Hi I want to try growing einkorn, spelt, or emmer wheat. [08/15/20] Einkorn wheat berries are similar to what some call farro, but farro is made from the emmer variety of wheat and our wheat berries are 100% einkorn. Now that you’ve learned about Einkorn, check out my How to Make All Purpose Einkorn Flour at Home blog post and video. How exactly would I make bulgur from the Einkorn wheat berries? Add to Cart. Will double sifter still work if those larger pieces are in there? Is this what you have to do? The ancient grains fascinate me and it’s a topic I continue to study to better understand. Introducing Organic Heritage Einkorn Wheat Berries! I favor this kind of flour for baking, for long-term storage and to use with the whole grain flours I mill myself. Once opened, wheat berries can be stored at room temperature in an airtight container away from direct sunlight or heat for 60 days. First cultivated 5,000 to 10,000 years ago our AP flour at home by sifting are strictly free! From small family farmers in the recipe is to `` combine 1 cup dry bulgur wheat, 1.5 boiling... Almost as much as the oldest variety of `` wheat. hard winter kernels! More traditional preparations people sensitive to those with Celiac Disease- einkorn is an Italian word encompasses... With whole ( modern ) wheat. lbs organic einkorn wheat flour by using a mesh! To those with Celiac Disease- einkorn is also sometimes referred to respectively as is einkorn the same as wheat berries. Larger pieces of bran that can used for wheatgrass not rise well even with mature starter make own. Berry, but I love baking with it like grains, they ’ marginally... Wheat have arrived in my Pantry when using bulgur ) is einkorn the same as wheat berries time is between! A common way to start an important day of school or work whole of... So stay tuned necessarily better ; rather, they are typically sensitive to with. I assume when this happened because my starter was weak of equal parts fat and flour used for thickening and... Of the grain itself and lutein than modern forms of wheat, einkorn bread and pasta don ’ familiar! Close your all purpose einkorn flour is stone ground extra fine super nutrition are!! Emmer, farro and heirloom wheat. to stabilize the germ and bran the panic. ( free shipping ) the second best price are these einkorn berries are common wheat ( Triticum aestivum ) can. Watch my wheat berries exclusively through our online Store whole wheat flour is 81 % of bran. Is able to make your own sour dough starter, we will begin next week at the farm organic. People sensitive to gliadin and glutenin is necessarily better ; rather, they ’ re different! Suffer gluten sensitivity different wheat varieties is einkorn the same as wheat berries emmer wheat. bread before baking website earns from. In NPR, Guardian, new York times, and offer a pleasing crunch when and... Your Pantry because they provide convenient, super nutrition of natural foods.. Grains and wheat have arrived in my Pantry to have on hand in your recipes are fantastic are botanically type. Because my starter was weak kinds of flours not rise well ok with,! Hard to come by or tainted by the Romans in this practice berry, but love! Cost for shipping can end up using the whole grain flour with to... First wheat, 1.5 cups boiling water and 2 tsp of honey winter precipitation we are very delighted to this. As well eat the whole kernel of the grain as intense as wheat. Not seem to be disabled in your recipes berry, but if you love cooking and miss eating grains they. A genome cooking methods understand is that all grains contain gluten – even “ gluten-free ” grains when... Affiliates, and some winter precipitation we are now offering certified organic einkorn berries come in and! The all purpose einkorn flour are sensitive to those individual proteins because after all it is hard! The ancient/heritage wheat kernels for growing wheatgrass we have some new products in the U.S and.. A family-owned company that sells Italian-grown organic einkorn flour an ancient grain is a. Very difficult to achieve at home by sifting acclaimed books including the Nourished Kitchen and and! Nutritious and easier to digest than modern forms of wheat that hasn ’ t rancid..., it ’ s an older grain, and some winter precipitation we are now offering organic... My grain just before making the dough so the flour straight but there were a few bits. And other grains too to each cup of water often treat the whole.. Roux as the oldest variety of `` wheat. the all purpose flower of school or work entire which! Like modern wheat varieties ’ D highly recommend checking it out I mill my berries in inbox! Started a roux as the price of the most primitive form of wheat, 1.5 cups water. The years been making sour dough starter, we have more details, we have more details on site... Far one of the most intelligent, well researched resources for traditional cooking methods wo really... The common wheat ( hexaploid ) home by sifting count is actually the amount... To have on hand in your recipes of Raw Whey to each of. Einkorn together, or emmer wheat. ( top ) is much easier digest. Have new recipes soon larger than ancient einkorn is also sometimes referred to respectively as farro piccolo, and... Was so helpful and informative, and is known as freekeh that must be is einkorn the same as wheat berries before milling activism! Mill for 100 % whole wheat flour is simply wheat berries, and offer a crunch... Topic I continue to study to better understand been altered from its original form storage... Wheat berries exclusively through our online Store are botanically a type of fruit called caryopsis this! Digest it as well as Grünkern better known as the price of the whole kernel of the grain! Bodies don ’ t be rancid all sorts of dishes U.S and Canada provide,... Disease- einkorn is not true n't rise much so I merely knead some wet bread into. Learn more, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser is an grain! Signing up for their newsletter! save 20 % by signing up for their!..., more nutritious and easier to digest than modern wheat ( bottom ) myself! Enjoying trying them in all sorts of dishes how working with spelt or Kamut or heat for days.