According to the 2006 census, Ilorin South has a population of 208,691 people. Kwara State is located in North Central part of Nigeria . Kwara state is located within the North Central geopolitical zone of the country. Omu-Aran; Oke Esa Comp Omu-Aran; Ikoja Comp Omu-Aran; Ecwa Sch Orolodo Omu-Aran; Ita Buoye Gbeleje Omu-Aran; Ilaro Comp Omu-Aran; Ecwa Sch Aganmo Omu-Aran; Opposite F. G. G. C Omu-Aran, Ile Olasankale Omu-Aran; Ile Oro Omu-Aran; Ile Asanlu Omu-Aran; Ile Oba Omu-Aran; Ita Okore Omu-Aran; Ita Oloye Ijoko Omu-Aran; Odo Oro Gbagida Omu-Aran; S. D. A Imolekere Omu-Aran; New Market Area Omu-Aran; Area Commander Office Omu-Aran; L.G.E.A Sch Okegbala Omu-Aran; Ekan Garage Omu-Aran; Ile Nla Ile Oba Omu-Aran, Afin Oloro Okerimi Oro; St Peter's Sch Okerimi Oro; Ile Ayedun Okerimi Oro; Ile Bale Iddo Oro; Near Town Hall Ijomu Oro; Ile Bale's Comp Ijomu Oro; Muslim Sch Ijomu Oro; Ayetoro Ijomu Oro; Ile Baa Ijomu Oro; L.G.E.A Sch Sie/Olorunsogo, Ile Bale Oro; St Andrew Sch Oro; Ile Onijala Oro; Muslim Sch Oro; Near General Hospital Oro; Muslim Sch, Okeola Oro; Ile Bale Oke Ola Oro; Muslim Sch Agbeola Oro; Ile Bale Iludun Oro; Ile Alape Iludun Oro; St James Sch Iludun Oro; Ansarul L.G.E.A Sch, Iludun Oro, Ile Oba Oko; Market Centre Oko; Ile Petu Oko; L.G.E.A Sch Oko; Adult L.G.E.A Sch Inishan Oko; Ita Odoko Oko, Market Centre Open Space; L.G.E.A Sch Oponda; Owode Kajola Open Space; Ile Oba, Alla Open Space, St Andrew L.G.E.A Sch; Bale's Area Open Space; Market Centre Open Space; Ile-Loke Open Space, Ile-Loke Isanlu Open Space; St Joseph's L.G.E.A Sch; Aiyetoro Open Space; Baptist L.G.E.A Sch; Market Centre Eleyin; Odogbo Open Space; Ile Ologba Area, Ile Agbasin Open Space; Market Centre Open Space; Oke-Epa Open Space; Maternity Centre; Aiyede Open Space; Igbagbotedo Open Space; Ile Olomujo Open Space, Oke Igunsin Open Space; Market Centre Open Space; Baptist L.G.E.A Sch; Bale's Area Open Space; Old Court Open Space; Ile Olusin Open Space; Ile Nla Open Space; Ajegunle Open Space; Ofatedo Open Space, Ile Oba Open Space; Comm Lgea School; Ile Nla Open Space; Oke-Ope Open Space; Maternity Centre Open Space I; Maternity Centre Open Space II, Court Area Open Space; Ile Oba Owu Open Space I; Ile Oba Owu Open Space II; Lgea Sch Owu; Lgea Sch Iji-Isin I; Lgea Sch Iji-Isin II; Market Centre Kudu; Market Centre Oyi, Garage Oke Onigbin Open Space; All Saints, Lgea Sch; Odo-Igbesi Open Space; Court Area Open Space; Igbesi Lgea Sch; Adigun Open Space, Pamo Lgea Sch; Oba-Isin Lgea Sch; Sabaja Open Space, Oke Aba Lgea Sch; Odo Eku Lgea Sch; Bale's Area Odo Ore; Magaji Olokin Open Space; Oke Aba Town Hall; Odo-Eku Market Centre; Idi Agbede Oke Aba; Oke Aba Market Centre, Klgea Sch Adena; Klgea Sch Dada; Klgea Sch Kosa; Gbajibo Open Space, Bani Klgea Sch; Zango Market, Bani; Olokotintin Klgea Sch; Fonlo Open Space; Bani-Olori Klgea Sch; Kaagbona Klgea (Nom. Jebba-South is also Igbomina, although the population is now mixed. Towns that make up the local government are seven in number with Abagana as headquarters. The Local Government Area has a population of about 87,796. The major ethnic group in Kwara state is Yoruba while other minority groups such as Nupe, Bariba, and Fulani exist. Amiku; Alh. Wote; Tungan Alh. One of the popular areas in Irepodun is the Esiẹ Museum is a museum in Esiẹ town, Irepodun. A. D. P Shao; Ode Alawon Shao; Maternity Centre Shao, L.G.E.A Sch Jeunkunnu; Karibuje Village; Budo-Abo Village; L.G.E.A Sch Olowu, L.G.E.A Sch Malete; L.G.E.A Sch Busamu-Adu; L.G.E.A Sch Gbugudu; L.G.E.A Sch Okete-Jagodo, L.G.E.A Sch Budo Are; L.G.E.A Sch Agbaku; L.G.E.A Sch Paku; L.G.E.A Sch Agar, L.G.E.A Sch Ipaiye; L.G.E.A Sch Babaloke; L.G.E.A Sch Oloworu; L.G.E.A Sch Alagbo; L.G.E.A Sch Aberejo; L.G.E.A Sch Agbaku, L.G.E.A Sch Arobadi; L.G.E.A Sch Gudu; L.G.E.A Sch Adara; L.G.E.A School Primary Odonigi; L.G.E.A Sch Awuyan, Open Space Tidi Bogede L.G.E.A; Open Space Balogun Market; Open Space Arowosodun Area; Open Space Idi-Isin Area; Open Space Ajoda Area; Open Space A. U.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. According to the 2006 census, Baruten has a population of 209,459 people. Share (Saare) is an ancient Yoruba town in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria.Share is the headquarter of Ifelodun Local Government Area.about 64 Kilometres from Ilorin the state capital of Kwara state. According to the 2006 census, Oyun has a population of 94,253 people. Mostly all the zone, clan, street in … Olusi Kwara state is located within the North Central geopolitical zone of the country. Villages in Ifelodun local government in kwara state. Street name Zip Code Aiyetoro Ajeromi 102103 Araromi Ajeromi 102103 Ashafa 102103 … Its headquarters is in the town of Kosubosu. List of Towns and Villages in Share . According to the 2006 census, Irepodun has a population of 148,610 people. More info. This list is organized by cities, areas, districts, clan, zone and street. Although Yoruba is the major language spoken in Isin, the dialect agrees with major Igbomina. The state is also located within the North Central geopolitical zone. Oyun has its headquarters in the town of Ilemona. Ifelodun is a local government area in Kwara State, Nigeria.Its headquarters is in the town of Share.. Its headquarter is located in Oke-Oyi town, with towns like Magaji Are, Iponrin, Ibagan, Agbeyangi, Gbadamu, Gambari, Marafa Maya, Ile-Apa, Oke-Ose, Alalubosa and Zango being the urban areas. They are also known to be very industrious. The vegetation is tropical and suitable for agriculture, which makes the local economy a hub for cash crops. It however became a legal tussle which caused communal unrest between Araromi Opin and Isolo- Opin when the local government was created. The capital city of Kwara State, Ilorin, is situated 306km inland from the coastal town of Lagos and 500km from the federal capital, Abuja. The area is populated by the Igbomina people. Sch., Oree; Ecwa Sch Agbeku; Market Square Agbeku; Comm Sch Amori Wande; Ecwa Sch Patako, Ecwa Sch Oro-Ago; Comm Sch Oro-Ago; Comm Sch Oke-Ayin; Ecwa Sch Oyate; Open Space Ahun Village; Ecwa Sch Okedaba; Comm Sch Omugo; Comm Sch Irabon; Comm Sch Okedio; Comm Sch Ajegunle; Comm Sch Ajegunle/Owa; Comm Sch Oke-Owa; Open Space Aiyetoro; Adult Sch Oyate, Comm Sch Omupo; St Michael Sch Omupo; Arabic Sch Omupo; Sheik Islamic Sch Omupo; Arabic College Omupo; Comm Sch Amodu; Govt Tech Sch Amodu; Comm Sch Koko; L.G.E.A Sch Koko; Wesley Sch Okanle; Comm Sch Basanyin; Ansarul Islam Sch Igbowu; Comm Sch Maloko; Comm Sch Oko-Ode; Comm Sch Zulu; Comm Sch Obaloyan; L.G.E.A Sch Arugbo; Open Space Atanda Nda Aliyu, Comm Sch Share; Ile Bale Ojabutu Share; Ile Garba Soja Share; Shayo L.G.E.A Sch Share; Area Court Share; Ile Onibi Share; Ile Bale 11 Share; Ile Adebiopon Share, N. Y. S. C Bus Stop Share; Ile Abologbon Share; Ile Oluloke Share; Ile Adeyi Share; Ile Agun Share; Open Space Motor Park Share; Ile Olowolaiyemo Share; Town Hall Share; Ile Aiyegbo Share, Katalagbon Open Space; Open Space Titalagolo; Market Square Loma; Comm Sch Loma; Agun Area Loma; Open Space Arusa Loma; Open Space Olabalu Loma; Open Space Awuwo Loma; Open Space Fadeyi Loma, Open Space Gbogilemu; Comm Sch Okose; Council Hall Loma; Ile Oluode Loma; Open Space Odeniyi Area Loma; Open Space Onipe Area Loma; Open Space Afari Area Loma; Open Space Malete Area Loma, Open Space Faje Village; Comm Sch Share Junction; Open Space Sekun Village; Comm Sch Lakanla; Comm Sch Alegongo; Comm Sch Temidire; Comm Sch Sangotayo/Budo Umoru; St Martin's Sch Adio; Comm Sch Ilupeju; Comm Sch Alera, Market Square Igbaja; Ecwa Sch Igbaja; Comm Sch Igbaja; Jamaat Sch Igbaja; Baptist Sch Igbaja; Open Space Isale Igbaja; Ile Balogun Igbaja; Ecwa Dem Sch Igbaja, Comm Sch Offarese; Comm Sch Adanla; Comm Sch Alaka; Comm Sch Alasoro; Comm Sch Atiran; Comm Sch Ilupeju; Comm Sch Balogun Oja; Jamat Sch Idiapa; Comm Sch Onijo, Comm Sch Yaru; Market Square Yaru; Comm Sch Durosoto; Open Space Masudo; Open Space Gboloko; Open Space Tongolo; Open Space Oroki Oja; Market Square Bayero; L.G.E.A Sch Ajibowo; Comm Sch Kunmi, Comm Sch Idofian; St John's Sch Idofian I; St John's Sch Idofian II; Council Hall Idofian; Comm Sch Jimba Oja; St Jame's Sch Falokun-Oja; Market Square Falokun; Comm Sch Alakuko; Open Space Gatta, Comm Sch Ganmo; Arabic Sch Ganmo; Wesley Sch Elerinjare I; Wesley Sch Elerinjare II; Wesley Sch Elerinjare III; Ecwa Sch Amayo; Open Space Amayo; Comm Sch Kabba/Dongari; Open Space Kabba/Kajola; Open Space Kabba/Owode; Open Space Gbagede, Ecwa Sch Ora; Open Space Araromi Oke; Comm Sch Oke-Ayo; Market Square Ora; Comm Sch Manasara; Comm Sch Adigun; Open Space Balogun Village; Comm Sch Deseni; Comm Sch Aireke; Comm Sch Magbon, Okaka Lgea Sch Okaka; Ajiponmi Village; Gbadamu Lgea Sch; Budo Odunbaku Sch; Aregun Lgea Sch; Agbeyangi Lgea Sch; Ode Bale Onikoko Village; Ode Magaji Oshin Village; Badi Village; Panada Lgea Sch; Adelu Village; Budo Oyo Open Space; Abangbe/Jolasun Lgea; Ode-Bale Mape Village; Ode Bale Adobasin, Balogun Gambari Tax Office I; Balogun Gambari Tax Office II; Opposite Ita Ajia; Open Space Masankore; Ode Kolawole I; Ode Kolawole II; Ita Magaji; Ode Ajibade; Ode Japa (Koro Tapa); Ode Ile Nla Akanlabi; Awodi Market I; Awodi Market II; Ode Ile Eleran Ita Adu; Awodi Market III; Ori Oko Awodi, Ode Waziri Gobir I; Ode Waziri; Infront Of Alabi Bare I; Infront Of Alabi Bare II; Karuma L.G.E.A Sch I; Karuma L.G.E.A Sch II; Adedo Lane; Ojagboro Mini Market I; Ojagboro Mini Market II; Ojagboro L.G.E.A Sch I; Karuma L.G.E.A Sch; Ojagboro L.G.E.A Sch II; Open Space Pataki; Ode Waziri Gobir II; Infront Of Alabi Bare III; Ode Shaba Pataki, Govt. The main language of Baruten is Baruba. Initially, it was called the West-central state. According to the 2006 census, Edu has a population of 201,469 people. Most of the Ifelodun domain was overtaken by the Afonja/Alimi era and annexed to the present Ilorin enclave. Its capital is Ilorin city. Ekiti State capital is called Ado-Ekiti. Woru Yamile; Ali; Ali Noma; Aliyu Buran; Amane; Ambali; Anmadu-Gurma-Buran; Anoane; Aremu-Kosigi; Ayegoro; Ba-Gene Buran; Baare Buran; Baba Ibeji; Baba Ilerini; Baba Yowa Buran; Babodonuro; Bah Sabi-Be; Banaguri; Bani; Bani Bani-Gure; Bani Sule; Baniyan-Buran; Banpa; Bashira; Bashurum Buran; Bejira; Beni Kekere Buran; Benu Buran; Bera; Binuwa; Bio Tawo Buran; Bio-Nide-Buran; Biruwolu; Bo; Boko; Boko Nukuyi Buran; Bokonobe; Bonuwolu; Boria; Buba-Buran; Buba-Oloke; Budo Oja; Budo Oki; Budo Ore; Budo Samba; Bunsuru; Bushirikpaara; Chanyo-Buran; Dogo Buran; Egi Oke; Eleku; Elepo; Erinsobare; Essa; Essa-Oke; Gaddamina-Buran; Galo; Galso Buran; Gamdu Buran; Garba-Buran; Gatebe; Gaudamina-Buran; Gbazai Buran; Gbenisi Taku Burab; Ge-Fh-Buran; Ghoro; Gidan Magajia; Gidan-Kanterma; Giwa Buran; Godo-Godo; Gogo; Goma Buran; Gunu Buran; Gunu Sabi-Buran; Gurman Buran; Gwanagiji; Gwaria; Gwaria-Waziri; Hikyan; Jipima; Kafiyan-Buran; Kajin Buran; Kanbi Are; Karagbonkna (2nd); Karagbonna; Karami Buran; Kasabu; Kasimu Roko Buran; Kausla; Kekena-Buran; Kenu; Kimado Buran; Kipaslu Buran; Kokorogi; Komala; Konto Buran; Koronji Buran; Koto Be; Kpassli-be Buran; Kubinla; Kwaruru; Laki-Buran; Lalare Buran; Lidan Ku Buran; Likita Buran; Lilata Buran; Magbo; Mago; Magwo Daji; Manu; Nikipkeru; Okuta; Ororo Tudu; Pagirin Gajere; Passetullu; Raguru; Rofia; Rugan Toru-Kparu; Rumu; Shambo; Sheyen; Shindaruwa; Shiya; Surub; Suteku; Taga Bako-Dokaku; Tanile; Tenbonu; Teu; Tungan Adda; Tungan Adena; Tungan Ajiya; Tungan Baushe; Tungan Bis Gasu; Tungan Bori; Tungan Dinu; Tungan Kuruma; Tungan Lafina; Tungan Shika; Tungan Sunotaka; Tungan-Kade; Umaru Bawa Buran; Ushatau; Usman Fulani; Usman Jodi; Usman-dada-Buran; Usman-Sanibe; Utula; Venra; Voberah; Wayo; Wobi; Woro; Woromakoto; Woru-Daru; Yamboyan; Zamelo, Abegerreru; Abion Kparu; Alafi Yaru-Share; Alafiyaru; Alafujaru; Alh Garba Kparu; Alh. Eruku II; Market Centre, Eruku; Open Space Oke-Ogi, Eruku; Open Space Odolomu, Eruku; Co-Operative L.G.E.A Sch Eruku I; Co-Operative L.G.E.A Sch Eruku II, Open Space Odo-Ago Isapa; L.G.E.A Sch Isapa; Open Space Iberikedo Isapa; Open Space Odo-Itan Isapa; Open Space Oke-Ipo Isapa; Open Space Okesa/Mission, Comm Sch Koro; Health Centre Koro; Market Centre Koro, Open Space Ekela; Open Space Ilemesin; Open Space Ajiu; Open Space Obbo-Oke; Open Space Oke-Owa, Open Space Ilemo Obbo-Aiyegunle I; Open Space Ipetu Obbo-Aiyegunle II; Open Space Ilawe 1 Obbo-Aiyegunle; Open Space Ilawe 11 Obbo-Aiyegunle; Open Space Iwodi Obbo-Aiyegunle, Town Hall,Obbo-Ile; Market Centre, Obbo-Ile; Open Space Ilawe Obbo-Ile; St Luke's Lgea Obbo-Ile; Open Space Ora Obbo-Ile, S. D. A Sch, Osi; Ekiti Local Govt Vocational Centre, Osi; New Shopping Complex, Osi; Open Sapace Ile Ohun, Osi; Magistrate Court, Osi; New Post Office, Osi; Agbara Market, Osi; Town Hall, Osi, St Bridge's Sch, Osi; Area Court, Osi; Open Space Odore-Oke, Osi; Old Postal Agency; Comm Lgea Sch Osi; Open Space Igbo-Ogo, Osi, L.G.E.A Sch, Ikerin I; L.G.E.A Sch, Ikerin II; L.G.E.A Sch, Isolo-Opin I; L.G.E.A Sch, Isolo-Open II; L.G.E.A Sch, Epe-Opin I; L.G.E.A Sch, Epe-Opin II; L.G.E.A Sch, Isare I; L.G.E.A Sch, Isare II; L.G.E.A Sch Ajuba; Health Centre, Owa Otun; L.G.E.A Sch, Idera; L.G.E.A Sch, Araromi Opin; Open Space Aare, Central L.G.E.A Sch, Oke-Opin; Town Hall, Oke-Opin; Open Space Olowi's Compd, Oke-Opin; Open Space Adetifa, Oke-Opin; Health Centre, Oke-Opin; St Patrick L.G.E.A Sch Etan; Market Centre, Etan; Open Space Health Centre, Etan, Ecwa Sch Oke-Ode; Arabic Sch Oke-Ode; Comm Sch Oke-Ode; Town Hall Oke-Ode; Oke Ago Oke-Ode; Maternity Oke-Ode; Open Space Idiapa Oke-Ode; Ile Elemosho Oke-Ode; Local Govt Dispensary; Quranic Sch Oke-Ode, Ecwa Sch Shagbe I; Ecwa Sch Shagbe II; Ecwa Sch Agbee I; Ecwa Sch Agbee II; Comm Sch Ajegunle; Comm Sch Bankole; Comm Sch Ologorun; Market Square Alawon Alasoro; Comm Sch Famole; Comm Sch Alabe-Oja; Comm Sch Ologomo, Comm Sch Alade; Comm Sch Labaka Idera; Comm Sch Asungbale; Comm Sch Dabu Oroki; Comm Sch Eleiyele; Ecwa Sch Labaka-Oja; Comm Sch Omi-Aro; Comm Sch Gbede, Comm Sch Babanla; Council Hall Babanla; Open Space Ilendeji Babanla I; Open Space Ilendeji Babanla II; Local Govt Dispensary Oke-Oyan; Ecwa Sch Alabe I; Ecwa Sch Alabe II; Ecwa Sch Idera I; Ecwa Sch Idera II; Comm Sch Ikosin; Comm Sch Owode I; Comm Sch Owode II; Town Hall Kajola; Comm Sch Owa Onire; Comm Sch Oreke; Comm Sch Ganmu; Comm Sch Budoidowu; Market Square Idoba/Obin; Comm Sch Afin, Comm Sch Agunjin; Council Hall Agunjin; Ecwa Sch Olayinka; Comm. Faa Aleyo Mineral resources in the state are Petroleum, Gold, limestone, marble, feldspar, clay, kaolin, quartz and granite rocks. List of 16 Local Government Areas in Kwara State are all given in this post. Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara state is headquartered in Oja-Oba town, a well known urban area. Ifelodun is a local government area in Kwara State, Nigeria.Its headquarters is in the town of Share.. Lajiki It has its headquarters in Share town and has Islam, Christianity and Traditional religions as the major religions of its indigenes. List of Local Government Areas and Towns in Lagos State. As well as Yagba West Local Government Area of Kogi State. List of Towns and Villages in Ekoende . 11 Ikole Local Government Area. Nnewi North List of Towns and Villages in Ifelodun L.G.A . Created in 1976 with the headquarters a Share, (the hometown of icumbent governor Abdufattah Ahmed) It shares common boundaries with Asa, Edu Isin, Irepodun, Ilorin South, Moro and Oyun Local Government Areas of Kwara state as well as Yagba West Local Government Area of Kogi State. Also, carry your camera along. Ifelodun is a local government area in Kwara State, Nigeria.Its headquarters is in the town of Share.. Lajiki It has its headquarters in Share town and has Islam, Christianity and Traditional religions as the major religions of its indigenes. Mamman; Alu Kparu; Anasanikiru; Angeraodebu; Barukataran Kparu; Bashira; Bassa; Benu; Bereguru; Beru; Bisakwera; Bokaguru; Boni Kanank Kparu; Boriya; Boru; Bulakuko; Bushi Kparu; Bushiru Mare S.; Buyen; Cado (Alafiayanu); Cah-Moro; Chikanda; Chikandu; Cure; Dagoman Karu; Dakasi; Denu Darun Kparu; Diki gamin Kparu; Doganri; Doo Neru; Dunga; Ekenete; Fere Koru; Gah-Awaye; Gando Sund Dede; Gando Sunnon; Ganidu Sumun Kparu; Ganmin Kparu; Garto Kparu; Gbani; Gbe Burabu; Gberabosina; Gendow Senon Kpaku; Geruku Dero Kparu; Gobijowa Kparu; Gobin Kparu; Goruki Garba Kparu; Gudin Kparu; Gure; Guru Kende; Gwane; Gwasoro; Gweewokure; Ibrahim Kparu; Issa Dunbun Kparu; Jenworun Kparu; Jondin Kparu; Kadirin Kparu; Kangbe; Kaoje; Kaounji; Keneugbe; Kenu; Kenu Booku; Kobi Cure; Kobunifu; Kosubosu; Kpabardike; Kparu; Kparuru Gururu; Kparuru Kparu; Kperu Ganik Adam; Kpeyen Kparu; Kwariya-Daaku; Kwaru; Kwaruru; Kwaruru Kworu; Kworu Babanna; Liman Kparu; Makarakpo; Mamman Kparu; Mammandun Kparu; Mara Kparu; Maresumun Kparu; Masun Kparu; Matarun Kparu; Mikikperu; Moral; Mori Guru; Moshi; Moshi Guru; Nasheu Kparu; Nwasero; Oli; Owelle; Pomlo; Sabi Jooden Kparu; Sabi Swaru; Sabo; Saina Toko; Saitun Kparu; Samangen Kparu; Saminin Kparu; San Bion Kparu; Sanisosan Kparu; Sanni Gonadin Kparu; Sekerite; Senugbe; Serkin Fulani Kparu; Shanganun Kparu; Share-Sabo; Shionin-Kparu; Shiya Village; Shru Galasani; Shysinu Kparu; Sinaguru; Sinatokoru; Sinu; Skugbe; Sobutu Gwette; Sonni Aworoi Kparu; Sunsi; Tewure; Tongoru; Tubiriku Guru; Tuka; Tunde; Ugomoe; Umaru Makirin; Washard; Weriguru; Wobero; Woodara; Woru Borun Kparu; Wulran Kparu; Yaaro Guru; Yanri; Yantan Kparu; Yashikira; Yashiru; Yisi Guru; Yobereku; Yonbon Kparu; Yonwonrun Bio; Yonworuni Kparu, Anfani; Anfanifagi; Babagina; Bacita Swasun; Baganke; Bedekie; Binla; Bishewa; Bokungi; Bommasu Ward; Borogun; Ceke; Cewuru; Chatta; Chekugi; Chikangi; Dawo; Duba; Dubagi; Dzanagan; Dzara I; Dzara II; Dzara III; Ebangi; Edogi; Edogi-Dukun; Efa-Gi; Effan; Effan Shaaba; Eke; Esu; Falada; Funti; Gagara; Gamale; Gamalegi; Ganagagi; Ganagagi Maiyaki; Ganagagi-Kologbo; Gawagagi Ndejin; Gbadi; Gbake; Gbarigi; Gbogbu; Gbondagi; Gbowoagi; Gede I; Gede II; Gudusuru; Guya-Sede; Guye-Dadi; Guye-Deke; Kimpa; Kokodo; Korabo I; Korabo II; Korabo III; Kpangulu; Kpasha Eitsu Yankpa; Kpashaeltsu Yawkpa; Kpoton Ward; Kpotunko; Kpotunworo; Kuke; Ladan; Lafiagi; Lagaworo; Lata; Lema Woro; Lemo; Likpata; Lukpete; Macha; Magani; Maganike; Maiyaki; Make-Dawu; Manke; Mijinitagi; Ndakodi; Ndeji; Nnayintu; Obale; Pututa; Sabagiwa; Sabo; Sabo II; Sange; Shekwati; Shesiti Dangawa; Sita Abah; Swasungi; Tandu; Tawake; Toga; Upandawaki Ward; Wariku; Wede; Wodata; Wudzu; Yawu; Yelewa; Yibah; Yikpata; Zambufu, Bakpata; Buke; Bussu; Chakyagi; Chetta Bure; Chetta Mayaki; Chiji; Chikangi; Chita; Dmmagi; Dumagi; Dyadya Ningi; Ekikobe; Emi Ndake Finweza; Emiga; Emikpangi; Emiworogi; Etsu Kolle; Faigi; Faigi Banzamin; Faigi Emiman; Gbere; Gbere Edu Issa; Gbere Maafu; Gbere Nabigi; Gbere Sonlawa; Gbore Ndaceko; Gecegugu; Giragi; Gunbaji; Kanke; Kanshi; Kocegi; Kpandaragi Worogi; Kpatake; Kpilegi; Kpotan Ward; Kubeji; Machita; Madkansa Bonkwa; Makwagi; Mamuga; Manadzkwakwa; Manfu; Manuga; Manuga A; Manuga B; Mayaki Ward; Mayakifu; Ndabata Patiji; Ndabata Take; Ndace Baba; Ndakansa Liman; Ndatsadu; Ndeji Ward; Obagbara; Ogudu; Pati Okun; Sanchitagi; Sha /aba Ward; Shigan; shonga; Soko Alabe; Suteneti; Swasun; Tada; Takemwangi; Taruku; Tode Worogi; Tsakpata; Tsunfeneti A; Tsunfeneti B; Tsungenetic C; Yinagi, Ankoro; Ankoro Hausawa; Baata Village; Bacita; Badzufu Patike; Belle; Beribe; Bokuwgi 11; Boribe; Dada A; Dada B; Dudugi Late; Dugbangi; Edogi Tswachi; Emidebiwa; Emigbaziti; Emiwaroji; Emiworogi; Emoworogi; Erugi; Esanshi; Eyeforogi; Fadundangi; Fawagun; Fawjewa Bokungi; Galofa; Gandaji; Gbabata; Gbadagun; Gbaduna; Gbagunta; Gbere; Gbodeyeluwa; Gbpde Yaluwa; Gidan Malfan; Ginda; Gondagi; Gulufa Isowa Audu; Gungbawaba; Gunugi; Ielle Bata A; Juma; Kachita; Kandarifu; Kange Elsudangama; Kange Ndadama; Kangelalukpan; Karati Sode; Kochitate; Kosomunu; Kpace Jiya; Kpandaragi; Kpotun Ward; Kuntukpa; Letswa; Maako; Magani Aliya; Magani Gbagunta; Majindu; Mamu; Mandzurugi; Manfu; Mangohota; Manguru; Marara; Mawegi; Mawfu Chikan; Nati; Nbagada; Ndabigi I; Ndabigi II; Ndaceke; Ndafa Taake; Ndafa Tifin; Ndagba; Ndajola Ward; Ndalati; Ndanini; Ninguba; Nnkpe Nupeko; Obadowa; Obaduwa I; Paliduin; Paracita; Pategi; Patidanu; Patigi Adewe; Patigi Samaru; Patigizuwa; Patike; Patiko; Range Ndakukwa; Range Tsaagba; Sabo Bacita; Sabon Gida; Sedegba; Shagari; Sodegi; Sokun Kpan B; Sokunkpan; Sokunpanc; Tangbere Patike; Tangborogi; Tsakpata; Tunku; Ungwa Hausawa; Wote Gwawe; Yabatagi; Yawma Kokonna, Ejiju; Eruku; Isapa; Isapa-Titun; Koro; Obbo-Ile; Ora; Ora-Aiyegbaju, Ajuba; Araromi-Opin; Are-Opin; Ejiku; Epe-Opin; Etan; Ibare; Idera-Opin; Ikerin-Opin; Isale-Opin; Isolo-Opin; Obo-Opin; Oke-Opin; Osi-Opin; Owafun-Opin, Abayan; Abayawo; Abayowo Yemidire; Adegbite; Adegun; Adigun Alangua; Adigun-Adeleke; Adigun-Bale; Agba Olowo; Agbada Temidire; Agbeku; Agbeyangi; Agunjin; Ailefe; Aireke; Aiyekale; Ajagunle Temidire; Ajegna Temidire; Ajegunle; Ajilete; Ajoko Temidire; Alade; Amori Wande Temidire; Araromi Isele Lapele; Araromi Oja; Araromi Oke; Arifowomo; Arowo; Ayante; Balogun; Bolorunduro; Budo Alli; Deseni; Ekudaji; Ekudaji Oke; Esiuniyi Temidire; Gaa Agbeku Araro; Gaa Opelade; Gaa Wande; Gbotoko; Idi-Igba; Igbafe; Isiaka; Ita Olowo; Itapa-Dowo; Kajola; Lapele; Layemi; Magbon; Monasara; Ode-Ologbo Temidire; Ojutaiye Temidire; Okangi; Oke Odo; Olayinka; Olufayo; Opelade; Ora; Ore; Owode Temidire; Patako; Sanni Koro; Tapa; Temidire; Wande, Abule; Abule Elega; Abule Idi-Irin; Abule Mokoye; Abule Olufi; Eko Ajala; Eko Ende; Olodan, Alaaro; Aoku; Iba; Iga Saliu; Igalambe; Isale Aisin; Ojomu; Okose, Abudu; Akata Eleko; Akata Gado; Alakuko; Alamilaya; Amoyo; Elerinjare; Falokun; Gaa Abikoro; Gaa Alakuko; Gaa Butubutu; Gaa Elerinjare; Gaa Ganmo; Gaa Gata; Gaa Kisi; Gamo; Gbagede Isale; Gbagede Oke; Idofin; Ipo-Eri; Jimba-Oja; Kabba Dogari; Kabba Kajola; Kabba Owode; Kaoju; Oke-Iya; Oke-Ogba; Oko-Okuta, Aaran; Adanla; Afori; Agbeku; Ago; Aguada; Aikere; Aiyekale; Aiyekojo; Aiyeretatun; Ajegunle; Aji Oja; Ajilowo; Ajoko; Akoba; Aladodo; Alarto Ilupeju; Alasoro Alatan; Alatan; Alo; Aloko; Amule; Apakere; Aperu; Araromi-Ogbe; Atori; Awewe; Ayiga; Balogun Oja; Bayero; Bere; Bolorunduro; Budo Ada; Budo Ajiba; Budo Ajuba; Budo Akin; Budo Alayo; Budo-Edun; Dala Ilupeju; Duro Seto; Duroseto Rentile; Elejola; Farase; Gaa Adanla; Gaa Agboran; Gaa Alagbede; Gaa Alhaji; Gaa Alo; Gaa Atiran; Gaa Audu; Gaa Balogun; Gaa Bayer; Gaa Giwa Onilu; Gaa Goga; Gaa Ibare; Gaa Idera; Gaa Idiapa; Gaa Kadiri; Gaa Mosudo; Gaa Offarase; Gaa Ogbe; Gaa Ogele; Gaa Ogunbaka; Gaa Onijo; Gaa Oroku; Gbokole; Gwa; Idera; Idiapa; Idiapa Idiya; Igbaja; Ignanu; Ijekele; Ilupeju; Jobi; Kajola; Kajola II; Kehinde Kajola III; Kunmi; Laokun Araromi; Layioke; Mosunkanne; Obadara; Obate; Obate Modudu; Obin; Odamadi; Odunnada Ilupeju; Offarase; Ogba; Ogbe; Ogele; Ogunniyi; Ojekale; Oke-Ode-Yee; Okegbo; Okenijo; Okotorubo; Oloko; Olorunshogo; Onigbe; Onijo; Opanda; Ore; Oroki; Osin; Owobe; Owode; Palade; Saliu Gaa Adamu; Sanda; Sokoto Gbo; Tonyobolo; Yaru, Afin; Aga; Aiyereke; Alabe; Amodu Olo; Awere; Aya; Babanla; Baiyero; Bolorunduro; Budo Are; Budo Idowu; Gaa Alabe; Gaa Idera; Gaa Ikosin; Gammu; Gbotoko; Idera; Idiya; Idoba; Ikosin; Kajola; Layemi; Okeoyan; Okin; Oko; Olorualeke; Oreke; Oreke-Okegbo; Orekeoke; Owa Onire; Owode; Owode Offaro, Abule Bale; Abule Ologoro; Aogun; Eesa Oke Suru; Igbo Ilamu; Igbo Iroko; Obagun; Oke Ogun; Olorunsogo, Adebu; Adetutu; Adetutu Igbo Agbon; Agbee; Agbee Owotoki; Agbelero 11; Agbetero 1; Aiyetoro; Aiyetoro Agegunle; Ajia; Alade; Alagbe Oja; Alasodudu; Alawo-Yonba; Aleb Asanlu; Amudun; Arola Idris; Arola Sadiku; Asipa; Asipade; Asungbade; Atipo; Atola; Awewe; Bada; Balogun; Bankole; Biji; Bofaje; Buban-Ka; Budo Alagbede; Budu-Efsu; Dabu; Dabu Idris; Dabu Oroki; Dabu-Ojutaiye; Dikko; Ekotuntun; Elesinmeta; Eleyele; Eri-Alhaji; Famole; Gaa - Jihom; Gaa Abudu Asifade; Gaa Jimoh; Gaa Momoda-Elesin Gege; Gaa Musa; Gaa Oke-Ode; Gaa Omu-Are; Gaa Seriki Shagbe; Gaa- Alabe Aiyetoro; Gaa-Alabe; Gaa-Alawo; Gaa-Asungbale; Gaa-Audu; Gaa-Bankole; Gaa-Bello; Gaa-Budo Seu; Gaa-Eleyele 1; Gaa-Eleyele 11; Gaa-Gege; Gaa-Igbo Agbon 1; Gaa-Igbo Agbon 11; Gaa-Judi Adetutu; Gaa-Jumbo-Ologomowode; Giloagi; Igbo Elemi; Keke Aje; Labaka; Labaka-Idera; Labaka-Oju; Obada; Ogboyo; Ogunbayo; Ojukaiye; Okanle; Oke-Ode; Okuta-Oko; Ologoma; Ologorun; Olorunlagba; Oloruntele; Oloruntola; Olowo; Olufayo; Omi Aro; Onigbongbo; Oniminsun; Owode; Pidan; Sagbe; Sagbe Ogede, Agbo-Koko; Ahoro; Aiyekale; Aladia; Alufa; Amberi; Amodu Asungbolu; Apata Kajola; Arugbo; Atanda; Basanyin; Bayagan Ile; Eleyele; Fajeroni; Gaa Idera; Gaa Oke Omu; Gaa Sulu; Gaa- Okenla; Gaa-Indisa; Gaa-Oja; Igberi; Igbo-Efon; Igbo-Owu; Irapa; Koko; Koloko; Layaju; Nda Aliu; Obaloyan; Okanle; Oke-Ode; Olukotun; Omupo; Oyawajo, Ahun; Ajegunle; Arin Ago; Ayetoro; Irabon; Oganyin; Oke-Ayin; Oke-Daba; Oke-Owa; Omugo; Oro Ago; Oyate, Aderonme; Adio; Agberiako; Aho; Aiyekale; Ajeoripa; Ajibola; Ajikanje-Apata Aje; Alegongo 1; Alegongo-Temidire; Alera; Araromi; Arobye; Arogunyo; Arola; Babanlomo; Bata Kajola; Budo Alufa Oyi; Budo Inalowo; Budo Umoru; Budo-Danyan; Budo-Idishin; Budo-Sabo; Budo-Sosun; Dankoju; Eyeforoji; Faje 1; Faje 11; Gaa Mudi; Gaa Seriki; Gaa-Aiko; Gaa-Alera; Gaa-Elejeri; Gaa-Fulani; Gaa-Idiose; Gaa-Jekeje; Gaa-Mogaji; Gaa-Momo; Gaa-Mudi; Gaa-Okelesu; Gaa-Shayo; Igblowowa; Iyana; Managoro; Mosafejo; Pako; Pangbe; Pasinka; Sangotayo; Sekun 1; Sekun 11; Sharagi; Shayo, Abanra; Abonde; Abudu; Ada Nda; Adobasin; Agbeyangi; Ajelende; Ajimasin; Alade; Alalubosa; Apado; Apata Yakubu; Atere; Ayekale; Ayetoro; Badi; Baiyero; Budo Abagbe; Budo Abanra; Budo Abeli; Budo Adanda; Budo Adelu; Budo Afehin Sanbata; Budo Afeyin; Budo Agara; Budo Agbengende; Budo Agboge; Budo Aigoro; Budo Ajaponna; Budo Ajeyin; Budo Ajiponmi; Budo Ajo Ko; Budo Akinde; Budo Akiwo; Budo Akobale; Budo Alagbe; Budo Alakolaro; Budo Alalubosa; Budo Alase; Budo Alasebo; Budo Ali; Budo Alokolaro; Budo Alufa; Budo Apa Ole; Budo Apekun; Budo Aranmonu; Budo Araro; Budo Are; Budo Aregun; Budo Aribi; Budo Asunlope; Budo Atanpa; Budo Atapa; Budo Ateko; Budo Atenge; Budo Atingiri; Budo Atiran; Budo Ayekale; Budo Baba Taiye; Budo Babatunde; Budo Bada; Budo Bada Owe; Budo Bolorunduro; Budo Bolorunshoro; Budo Bubu Kere Aje; Budo Dangiwa; Budo Doguna; Budo Elekan; Budo Elesimete; Budo Eleyode; Budo Eri Oke; Budo Faje; Budo Famole; Budo Fulani; Budo Gaa Gande; Budo Gaa Jowuro; Budo Gaa Suallah; Budo Gangan; Budo Gbadamu; Budo Gori; Budo Idi Ogun; Budo Idi Ose; Budo Idi-Ori; Budo Idigba; Budo Idikanga; Budo Igbo Orun; Budo Ilaga; Budo Ile Tuntun; Budo Isamu; Budo Jagbo; Budo Jolasun; Budo Kawu; Budo Kelebe; Budo Labe; Budo Lossa; Budo Magaji; Budo Maternity; Budo Megun; Budo Oba; Budo Odunbaku; Budo Odunre; Budo Ogunronbi; Budo Oh Ologun; Budo Ojutaye; Budo Okaka; Budo Oke; Budo Oke Imale; Budo Oke Odo; Budo Oke-Ode; Budo Oku; Budo Ologi; Budo Olokuta; Budo Ololekan; Budo Oloro; Budo Olororo; Budo Olukolu; Budo Omo Mere Oja; Budo Omoda; Budo Onidanla; Budo Onigba; Budo Otefan; Budo Oyekan; Budo Oyo; Budo Pakobo; Budo Ruga Omo; Budo Sabo; Budo Sanu; Budo Sentu; Budo Songote; Budo Sunbare; Budo Tapa Odobo; Budo Tapa Onilu; Budo Toto; Budo Woowode; Budo Yanganmu; Dalemo; Idiape; Ile Apa; Ilota; Ilota, Bada; Iponrin; Isale Osin; Jabi; Kere Aje; Kure; Lajiki; Lajolo; Marafa; Mere; Oke-Ose; Onikoko; Onimomo; Oromi; Oshin; Oyo; Panada; Pepele; Woru, Oke Ogun; Agbabiaka; Aiyekale; Akanbi; Apa-Ola; Okose, Mogaji-Ajomu, Omomere-Oja,;Bada-Ajegunle, Ere-Omo; Fate; Fufu; Igbona; Illota; Joromoh-Osin; Bada-Ajegunle; Joromo-Oyun; Labala; Mogaji; Nasudo; Omode; Onikanga; Opolo; Tanke; Tongolo, Adewole; Airport; Are; Baba Isale; Baboko; Badari; Balogun Ajikabi; Balogun Alanamu; Balogun Fulani; Budo Oba; Budo-Ago; Egbejila; Galadima; Ibagun; Idera; Kawu; Magaji Ngari; Obere; Odo-Ota; Odota; Ogidi; Ojuekun; Okaka; Oke Ogun; Oko-Erin; Oloje; Olomoda; Osere; Sobi-Rock; Temidire; Ubadawaki; Wara; Zango; Zarumi, Aba Ilorin; Aba Rasaki; Adigun; Afelele; Agbamu; Agbonda; Ago; Ago Inisa; Ago Osilo; Ago Panu; Ago-Offa; Ajase-Ipo; Ajegunle; Ajengbe; Ajooko; Amberi; Apata Kajola; Araromi Ajase; Aworo; Ayobiamo; Bayanga; Buari; Dugbe; Egi-Oyopo; Egudu; Elega; Eleyoka; Eyeba; Falukun; Igbonla; Ilala; Mamudu; Okeya; Omido; Onila; Owoyale; Oyanle; Oyate; Sanmora, Akanbi; Alamo; Anu; Apata Agbore; Elegudu; Erin; Gaa; Iloba; Olorunsogo; Osolo, Abepe; Aboduwa; Adeniyi; Aderibigbe; Agborogun; Ajala; Akogun; Alagbaa; Alapata; Anwosi; Aresa; Bara; Eboda; Eji; Fosun; Ilie Twon; Ilobu; Iyaloja; Jagun; Kaura; Mota; Odofin; Odurwale; Ogala; Ogundaro; Ogunlana; Olokwa; Oloriga; Olueti; Olufon; Omilola; Opapa; Orisadare; Oyegple; Oyesiji, Ado-Agbo; Aran-Orin; Arandun; Budo- Aran; Elehin Olodo; Ipetu Igbomina; Oke Igbala; Olomi; Oloruntele; Olowonijere; Omirinrin; Omuaran; Orore; Owode, Abata; Abode Oro; Afin-Oro; Agbaola Oro; Idi-Oro; Iludun Oro; Ojomu Oro; Oke-Ola Oro; Okerimi Oro; Olorunsogo; Oro, Abata Oke; Adigun; Ajegunle; Alla; Budo Manasara; Budo-Igbira; Edidi; Eleyin; Igbesi; Ijara-Isin; Iji; Iklo; Isanlu Isin; Iwo; Kajola; Kudu-Owode; Oba; Odo-Eku; Odo-Ore; Oke-Aba; Oke-Onigibin; Oke-Oyi; Opanda; Opega; Owa Onire; Owu Isin; Pamo; Sabaja, Adena; Bamisila; Bani; Batabi; Biovanubo; Bunikani; Frenaba; Garba Ghanga; Gati; Gberia; Gwanabe; Gwareguri; Gwaria; Jekuna; Kageji; Kaiama Unhuibar Saki; Kaima; Kanikoro; Karonji; Kemeji; Kerokun; Kimodo; Kinkini; Kuliji; Madugu Barn; Madugu Boko; Magai; Magaji; Magi Konko; Mai Gemi; Mai Saje; Maidarra Buran; Maidugu Buran; Makeri Buran; Mallam Ango Buran; Mallam Sani Buran; Mamman Buran; Manar Buran; Miji Buran; Mohammed Fari; Moshi; Mukuzi; Musa Baniya; Musa Dabarrai; Ogbagba; Ogbomosho; Ogunniyi; Oko o; Oleri; Oloba; Olokotintin; Olomo Oba; Olowo; Olupo; Olupo Olomopupa; Olupo Yobeyo; Onipako; Onipako Wele Wehe; Onkorolabe Labe; Onpede; Osejene; Ossa; Oyo Buran; Panaje; Patekuku; Patekutu Jejuna; Popo; Tungan Mohammed; Wajiba; Wazibe; Wele Wele; Wenra; Wondo; Woro; Woro Makata; Woro Makoto; Woru Baba be; Woru Oil Buran; Yamani; Yebera; Yera; Zanje, Aaro; Abaoki; Abike; Abogunrin; Adebiyi; Afoda; Afunkinkin; Agbaa; Agbakale; Agbaki-Eji; Agbakun; Agbewe; Agogo; Aiyede; Aiyetoro; Ajeteri; Ajuba; Akunu; Akuo; Alaba; Aladie; Alagban; Alagbara; Alagbeja; Alakuko; Alaran; Alasa; Amu; Apata; Ariori; Ariya; Aro/Akuo; Atawin; Ati; Atiku; Ayede; Babadudu; Bale; Bante Owo; Bielesin; Budo; Budo Agbe; Budo Oke; Budo-Abu; Budo-Are; Dada; Daya; Egberioma; Ejidogemi; Ejidongari; Eleja; Elelu; Eleni; Elere; Elesin Nla; Ero; Faje; Fanto; Fayabale; Gaa Aginbso; Gaa Dare; Gaa Jodama; Gado; Gambo; Gbanbalako; Gboro; Idi-Ose; Igbira; Igbo-Emu; Igboemu; Ige; Iju-Owa; Ilu-Fenwa; Ita Giwa; Ita-Alade; Jafe; Jodoma; Jokolu; Koleke; Labaje; Lagbaja; Laigbe; Lamudebo; Matanmi; Odentan; Odentan-Ile; Odentan-Olulu; Odun-Ade; Ogunbo; Ogunbo-Akamu; Oguntulu; Okanla; Okoko; Okuta-Ogun; Okutala; Oladolo; Olaya; Olokiti; Onigbera; Onile-Aro; Owu-Dudu; Rofese; Saja; Sami; Sheji; Sunmela, Adio; Afari-Ogun; Agbeka; Aiyelekan; Aiyetoro; Alufa-Ojerere; Apata Oko; Arere; Arola; Awesu; Awokunle; Bako; Bi-Elesin; Biala; Biribiri; Bode-Saadu; Budo Gaa; Budo Kawu; Budo Oloye; Budo-Ayan; Budo-Oba; Buka; Dalemo; Daudu; Elelu; Elemaso; Fala; Fangan; Fayabale; Fulani; Gambe Alagbede; Ganbe; Gata; Gbudugu; Idiapa; Idowu; Irobo; Isakara; Iyare; Jebba; Kabba; Koronwon; Korowa; Ladabu; Lamigan; Lanwa; Lasaki; Maya; Obate; Ogunbo; Oke-Aje; Okemi; Ologun; Oloye; Olukowi; Omoda; Oni Pako; Onibembe; Orogun; Pawo; Shaki; Sulu; Were; Yesele, Abe-Igba; Abe-Ope; Abeelu; Abeokuta; Abo; Abuyanrin; Adanduro; Adejinmi; Adetinmi; Agar; Agbaku; Agga; Ago; Agobarade; Agosoja; Ahere; Ajagbe; Ajagunle; Ajanaku; Ajelanwa; Akata; Aladie; Alagogo; Alakasu; Alapo; Alaro; Alaya; Alere; Aluga; Amao; Aoodu; Asalapa; Asipa; Baba Tapa; Batamu; Bube; Bulamu; Busamu; Dafari; Elebenla; Eleburu; Elefere; Elepo Agbaku; Epo; Gaa Abiyo; Gaa Adejinmi; Gaa Aiyekale; Gaa Ajagbe; Gaa Alakasa; Gaa Alapo; Gaa Asipa; Gaa Bube; Gaa Bulo Alfa; Gaa Igbo-Onisu; Gaa Jehun Kunnu; Gaa Kekere Ekun; Gaa Larama; Gaa Logun; Gaa Malete; Gaa Oyedele; Gaa Panbo; Gaa Seko; Gbugudu; Ida-Isaa; Idiagano; Idiape; Igbo-Onishin; Igbo-Riku; Ihoo; Jehunkunnu; Jododo; Karibuje; Kawu; Kekere Ekun; Kogbala; Kondondo; Lamula; Logun; Malete; Marafa; Obalaja; Obale; Oboku; Ogala; Ogungbe; Ojutaye; Okete; Okoru; Olo Runshola; Olobi; Olodan; Oloko; Oloungbona; Olowo; Olowu-Remi; Omoni Araro; Omoni Etile; Onidoyin; Onigba; Oniko; Onikoko; Onilende; Onilu; Opanda; Owode; Paku; Panbo; Panpo; Poupoju; Tegbesun, Abamba; Abati; Abilude; Abiodun; Aboya; Abuala; Abudala; Abuyanrin; Adama; Adio; Adunmode; Agba; Agbede I; Agbede II; Agbogun; Ago; Aiyekale; Aiyetoro; Ajangbala; Ajegunle; Ajegunle Kondo I; Ajegunle Kondo II; Ajia; Ajia Paunma; Akuo; Alagba; Alagbede; Alasan; Ale-Ara; Amandu; Amukoko; Aoddu; Apata Oko; Apata-Obalade; Apoya Owode; Apoya-Oja; Ara; Araro; Araromi; Ariori; Aro; Arodo; Asomu; Asorede; Asunara; Atipo; Ayakio; Ayehun; Ayonde; Balapa; Budo Alfa; Budo Are; Budo Edun; Budo Epo; Budo Gatta; Budo Hassan; Budo Iletintun; Budo Isale; Budo Kawu; Budo Obe; Budo Oke; Budo Ona; Budo Orobo; Budo Owode; Diko; Dio; Dogo; Ebudale; Eleko Yangan; Elemere Isale; Elemere-Oke; Elesin Nla; Esinlakin; Gaa Abeya; Gaa Abilude; Gaa Keremi; Gaa Ogun Tolu; Gaambari; Gboroko; Gee-Kari; Gesinde; Gidaje; Gori-Aja; Idi-Apa; Idiapa; Idigba; Ikusanu; Iya-Aro; Iyalasinyan; Jokolu; Kasumu; Kiribi; Kuro; Laro; Latemi; Liala; Luma; Magaji Gambari; Maleke; Mama; Managji; Manasara; Masankore; Megun; Mele; Mumumi; Obada; Obamisunwa; Ogala; Ogbagba; Ogboman; Ogojo; Ogongo; Ogun Eduin; Ogunekan; Oguntolu; Ojulogbo; Ojutaye; Okanla; Oke Apan; Oke-Odo; Okutala; Olobi; Oloni; Oloru I; Oloru II; Oloya; Olugbiya; Omolegbe; Onibamu; Onigari; Onigba; Onisapa; Ore; Osalakin; Owode I; Owode II; Pakunma; Rapameji; Saka; Sara; Shao; Shao-Ile; Tafidi; Tepatan; Wari; Womi-Ayaki; Yeregi; Yowere, Abami; Abani; Abere-Ijo; Adara; Adeku; Adukesi; Agbaku; Agbede; Agbele; Agede; Ago Ontolotolo; Agogoja; Ajegunle; Ajisaye; Ajuba; Akapo; Akata; Akata Elelu; Akata Kojere; Akilotan; Akiri Manu; Alaba; Alagangan; Alagbo; Alagogo; Alagogo-Weru; Alaje Alajo; Alaka; Alakara; Alakuko; Alama; Alapa Sanpa; Alapo; Alarara Alaje; Alate; Alateko; Alawuyan; Alaya; Alega; Amma; Anifowose; Aniya; Apata; Apo; Aro; Arobadi; Asawure; Asogba; Asunnara; Awuyan; Ayifo; Ayigoro; Baba Tapa; Babaloke; Bacita Junction; Bagbenu; Baki; Balogun; Barama; Beli; Biala; Binukonu; Bosamo Akeremi; Budo Alafa; Budo Ale Banda; Budo Eko; Budo Loke; Budo Ode; Budo Ojo Amari; Budo Ojude; Budo Oki; Budo Ole; Budo-Ode; Busamu; Dagoji; Daji; Deseni; Egboelemi; Ejin; Elebekan; Elebu; Elega; Elegun; Eleja Raji; Elejola; Elere; Elesin Nla; Elewure; Eniadunma; Ewuji; Gaa Agbaku; Gaa Alhaji Bamo; Gaa Alogbo; Gaa Apo; Gaa Barama; Gaa Eletu; Gaa Gboroko; Gaa Igbo Elemi; Gaa Jouro; Gaa Jowuro; Gaa Kanike; Gaa Lawoyin; Gaa Olopele; Gaa Osinginmi; Gaa Tepadu; Gaa Worunkure; Gareji; Gbada; Giwa Olowo; Gudu; Gunniyan; Ibagun; Idi Apa; Igbo-Elemi; Igboede; Igboroko; Inawole; Isale-Oja; Ita Yanmuyanmu; Iyanakere; Jokolu; Jokoro; Jopoko; Kibo-Alufa; Kulende; Kunmi; Ladoyin; Lahila; Lanle Gidado; Lanwa Ojo; Laonu; Magaji; Manlare; Mari; Megidaju; Meri-Oja; Miraya; Odonigi; Ogan; Oke Awuyan; Oke Dare; Oke Olori; Oke-Bode; Oke-Itta; Okiarenu; Olege; Olodan; Olododo; Ologbojo; Olokotintin; Olopan; Olopan Olori; Olopanfo; Olopele; Olori; Olorisogi; Olorogbo; Olorunlana; Olose; Olowo Bale; Olowo Hanman; Olowo Kareem; Olowode; Oloworu; Omidaro; Onigba; Onigbese; Onikoko; Onile-Aro; Onilu; Oniparo; Onipede; Onisun; Onisunju; Oniwa; Ori-Oke Yahaya; Orioke; Orogungan; Osinginmi; Oteleko; Paiye; Paku; Popola; Salako; Sangote; Sipata; Somape; Taru; Temidire Olupo, Adeleke; Ago Daniel; Ago Gbada; Ago Ilobu; Ago Isola; Ago Maleki; Ago Mogaji; Ago Offa; Ahogbada; Ajegunle; Ajelanwa; Ajoko; Alabanle; Alabere; Alagi; Alao; Alase; Alaya; Alayin; Alayin Aleyin; Alebale; Aleniboro; Apara; Aperin; Asaoye; Asapate; Asipa; Awesu; Awoniyi; Ayekale; Ayeni; Bale Oke Aro; Bolorunduro; Buraimoh; Ekesin Funfun; Eleeku; Erin-Osun; Erinle; Faje; Falokun Jogun; Falokun Owode; Fibike; Gaa Momodu; Galiadi; Ganmo Oko; Gbosura; Gudugba; Igbaweere; Igbo Idun; Igbo Ilofa; Ila Market Station; Ilasa; Ilemona; Inaja Alaro; Inaja Maliki; Ira; Kere Aje; Offa, Idofin Odo-Ashe; Idofin-Aiyekale; Idofin-Eyinafo; Idofin-Igbana; Idofin-Odo-Afo; Idofin-Odoaga, Afijagbade; Agara; Agbamu; Agbo Maja; Ago Balomi; Ago Offa; Ago Olomaba; Aho Igbada; Aje Boki; Ajebandele; Ajekunle; Ajoko; Alaya; Alentbaro; Anaja Moliki; Aponpa; Araromi; Asaoye; Asipa; Asopata; Ayobiamo; Bakini; Belore; Bude Peke; Dake; Dalemo; Ejedilogun; Eleku; Elesin Funfu; Erin-Ile; Fibike; Fufu; Gbolowuduro; Idi Osa; Igberi Ogun; Igberi Osa; Igbo-Alu; Igbona; Igosun; Ile Mogun; Ilemona; Inaja Alaro; Ipe; Ira; Jingini; Kajola; Kamumu; Kolo; Laniyan; Mandol; Odo Ogun; Odowo; Oginte; Ojutaiye; Okelede; Okeogun; Ologuro; Olomi; Olomitaka; Onisapa; Osere; Owode; Parioro; Ramonu; Romode; Sakongba; Somoda; Tabi Olowo; Togun, Adeleke; Agbamu; Ago Aminu; Ago Fulani Jimoh; Ago Offa; Apata Aje; Aperun; Awoniyi; Ayeni; Bamo-Oko; Budo; Eleeku; Elemo Ogun; Falokun; Foje; Gamo; Giiji; Goro; Gudugbo; Igagbo; Igbodun; Igbotele; Igosun; Ijagbo; Ikotun; Ilota; Ipee; Iwoye; Iyeke; Kere Ige; Labisi; Laro; Mosunkare; Ogakunrin; Ogunde; Ojoku; Oke-Ari; Oke-Lala; Oke-Oye, Babogi; Bide; Dagbalode; Dkatsa; Dode; Duro; Ebu; Eka-Cheja; Etchiwada; Etsuvum Emiworogi; Etusuyum; Ezhigike; Fei; Fuma; Gakpan; Gbafa; Gbagufa; Gheti; Gubgi; Guluki; Kajita; Koji; Kokingu; Kokoparagi; Koripkin; Koro; Kpada; Kpatagba; Kusegi; Kusoti; Latagi; Lubaman; Ma Agi; Maba; Mamba; Mandzigakwa; Mashan; Matotun; Mongi; Mosin; Nimbe; Okusogi; Pati; Reshe; Rokan Kuse; Rokan Tunga; Rokoggi; Sa'Agi; Saiasi; Suku; Szuruta; Tankpatu; Tbadan; Tebe; Tsanba; Tutugi; Vuma; Wadata Duro; Wake; Yagbagi; Yagbagi Roko; Zhiswara; Zunuta, Bissan; Chenegi; Chitta; Danikun; Dengi; Dina; Dzake; Edegi-Chapa; Ekakpan; Ekati; Esun; Gada-Wdake; Gadavozuwa; Gadaworo; Gbangede; Gbangede Bologi; Gberi; Gbodo; Gbodoniji; Ilua; Kagewegi; Kakafu; Kokodo; Kusokoti; Lade; Lalagi; Lata; Lille; Magya; Mawagi; Okpoto; Okuluse; Sagnuwan; Sakpefu; Sansita; Szwajiwo; Yekosa, Charikpan; Dangifu; Edegi Ekpasananke; Edozhigi; Ellah; Emigi; Esungi; Gabi Ward; Gada; Gada-Bazuwa; Gamejefu; Gbade Pati; Gbadekin; Gbaradego; Gbogi; Geduragi; Kolushin-Egboro; Koshiworo; Kparumagi; Kpayi; Kpotun; Kpotwa; Kusogi; Lagada; Lanlegi; Lazgi Yissa; Likefu; Makun Ward; Nawogi; Ndeji Ward; Opta-Wgboro; Pategi; Ragada; Rifun; Sheshi Sahaaba Ward; Shesihi Tsaha; Taadza Ward; Tsaduke Ward; Tswatagi; Wando; Yabinti, Sosoki L G E A Sch; Oniyeye Open Space; Laodu 1 Open Space; Idi-Ose L.G.E.A Sch, Adigbongbo L.G.E.A Sch; Awe L.G.E.A Sch; Afo-Oja L.G.E.A Sch; Yede/Orimaro L.G.E.A Sch; Tiro L.G.E.A Sch, Oja-Iya L.G.E.A Sch; Agbona L.G.E.A Sch; Megida Edunjo Open Space I; Megida Edunjo Open Space II; Omojamo Dispensary; Igboroko L.G.E.A Sch; Budo Tuntun Open Space, Alapa L.G.E.A Sch; Kondoro L.G.E.A Sch; Ode-Giwa Market; Onikeke L.G.E.A Sch; Onire Alhaji Open Space; Labitan L.G.E.A Sch; Alapa Koro Open Space, Alapete Dispensary; Bakase L.G.E.A Sch; Olupo-Ijana L.G.E.A Sch; Abiowa L.G.E.A Sch; Abemi L.G.E.A Sch, Dongari Etile L.G.E.A Sch; Sokoto L.G.E.A Sch, Efue L.G.E.A Sch; Berikodo L.G.E.A Sch; Gbenagbena L.G.E.A Sch, Owode L.G.E.A Sch; Ajuwon L.G.E.A Sch; Gbogun L.G.E.A Sch; Elere/Tafatafa L.G.E.A Sch, Otte L.G.E.A Sch; Budo Are L.G.E.A Sch; Ballah L.G.E.A Sch; Araromi L.G.E.A Sch; Eyenkorin L.G.E.A Sch; Otte Market; Otte Maternity; Area Court Ballah; Gbagba L.G.E.A Sch; Ile Abe Otte Open Space; Lasoju Open Space, Reke L.G.E.A Sch; Ogbondoroko Dispensary; Ogbondoroko L.G.E.A Sch; Ogbondoroko A.I.S.S, Laduba L.G.E.A Sch; Laduba Area Court I; Laduba Area Court II; Abayawo L.G.E.A Sch; Sapati-Ile L.G.E.A Sch; Ago-Oja Dispensary; Budo Agun Open Space; Teru Open Space, Afon L.G.E.A Sch; Afon Area Court; Afon C. D Office; Kankan L.G.E.A Sch; Igboroko L.G.E.A Sch, Ila Oja L.G.E.A Sch; Ajelanwa L.G.E.A Sch; Aboto-Alfa L.G.E.A Sch; Foko L.G.E.A Sch; Oguntoyinbo L.G.E.A Sch; Oniguguru L.G.E.A Sch; Oloro L.G.E.A Sch; Sapati Oko L.G.E.A Sch; Oniyere L.G.E.A Sch, Ogele L.G.E.A Sch; Ogele Dispensary; Pampo L.G.E.A Sch; Aladere Mogaji L.G.E.A Sch, St Kelvin L.G.E.A Sch I; St Kelvin L.G.E.A Sch II; Adabata L.G.E.A Sch; Koroke L.G.E.A Sch; Onigbo L.G.E.A Sch; Elemi-Nla L.G.E.A Sch; Agboyi-Nla L.G.E.A Sch, Aboto L.G.E.A Sch I; Aboto L.G.E.A Sch II; Budo-Aro L.G.E.A Sch; Odo-Ode L.G.E.A Sch; Omole L.G.E.A Sch; Owode Alagbon L.G.E.A Sch, Boriya L.G.E.A Sch; Boriya Sabo Area; Dankoru Open Space I; Dankoru Open Space II; Ogamue L.G.E.A Sch; Bushiparu L.G.E.A Sch; Bushiru L.G.E.A Sch; Shiya L.G.E.A Sch; Gbiribu/Gbayina; Kpaluru L.G.E.A Sch; Shiya Old Market; Shiya New Market; Tundun Wada Open Space Shiya, Monre L.G.E.A Sch; Moshi L.G.E.A Sch; Bwereguru L.G.E.A Sch; Kurabaru L.G.E.A Sch; Tuga L.G.E.A Sch; Gwasoro L.G.E.A Sch; Gwane L.G.E.A Sch; Sabo Sare; Yanri L.G.E.A Sch; Ajegunle/Gure New Mrket; Banikani/Gure Open Space; Gure Old Market; Gure L.G.E.A Sch; Sinaguru L.G.E.A Sch; Kosubosu Area Court; Kosubosu L.G.E.A Sch, Gukonbu Market; Waguru Market; Babane L.G.E.A Sch; Gwedebereru L.G.E.A Sch, Gobbo L.G.E.A Sch; Dokonu Gobbo Open Space; Maresunokparu L.G.E.A Sch; Mamunekperu L.G.E.A Sch; Kiyayeru L.G.E.A Sch; Munko L.G.E.A Sch; Kubure L.G.E.A Sch; Gbirinu/Ningurume L.G.E.A Sch; Ningurume Old Market; Ningurume L.G.E.A Sch; Ginawara New Market; Gwanara L.G.E.A Sch; Gwanara Central Office I; Gwanara Central Office II, Kpakotoru L.G.E.A Sch; Yakiburaru Market; Kosomono L.G.E.A Sch; Nanoru L.G.E.A Sch; Ilesha Area Court; Ilesha Sabo Area I; Ilesha Sabo Area II; Ilesha T. V Centre I; Ilesha T. V Centre II; Ilesha L.G.E.A Sch; Ilesha Dispensary, Nikkikperu L.G.E.A Sch; Baah L.G.E.A Sch; Gankotoru L.G.E.A Sch; Yanbereku L.G.E.A Sch; Gbengbereru L.G.E.A Sch; Yakparu L.G.E.A Sch; Sheye L.G.E.A Sch; Kenu New Market; Kenu L.G.E.A Sch; Taberu Old Market; Taberu L.G.E.A Sch, Gbongboru L.G.E.A Sch; Dogere L.G.E.A Sch; Kontubaru L.G.E.A Sch I; Kontubaru L.G.E.A Sch II; Munduro L.G.E.A Sch; Ayoo L.G.E.A Sch; Wonkoru L.G.E.A Sch; Kero L.G.E.A Sch; Bekia Kero; Yakiru Market; Yakiru L.G.E.A Sch, Biogberu L.G.E.A Sch I; Biogberu L.G.E.A Sch II; Dawiru L.G.E.A Sch; Budo Aiki L.G.E.A Sch; Kiyoru L.G.E.A Sch; Borobiye L.G.E.A Sch; Bwen L.G.E.A Sch; Bukuro L.G.E.A Sch; Gbabe Market; Gbabe L.G.E.A Sch; Damera L.G.E.A Sch; Sindiburo Market; Kobiaro Market, Tenge L.G.E.A Sch; Bero L.G.E.A Sch; Temidire/Aroguru L.G.E.A Sch; Teu L.G.E.A Sch; Fonfon L.G.E.A Sch; Bankubu L.G.E.A Sch; Tenbonu L.G.E.A Sch; Kabodonoru L.G.E.A Sch; Gbana Guru L.G.E.A Sch; Okuta Gongo Boru Market; Okuta Gorobani Market; Okuta Barike Peoples' Bank; Okuta Baptist L.G.E.A Sch; Okuta Sango Market; Okuta Central L.G.E.A Sch; Okuta Nasarawa New Market, Tebetaberu Market; Tunbuyan L.G.E.A Sch; Bukaru L.G.E.A Sch; Subayo L.G.E.A Sch; Shinawu Old Market I; Shinawu Old Market II; Shinawu L.G.E.A Sch, Dogari Market; Wodora L.G.E.A Sch; Karonji L.G.E.A Sch; Gwette L.G.E.A Sch; Bweru/Gando L.G.E.A Sch; Shinatoko L.G.E.A Sch; Kuburufu L.G.E.A Sch; Kenugbe Market; Sekugbe Market; Yashikira Old Market; Yashikira L.G.E.A Sch; Chikanda Old Market; Chikanda L.G.E.A Sch; Chikanda Sango Area; Gwette Saamu Open Space, L.G.E.A Sch Somasun I; L.G.E.A Sch Somasun II; L.G.E.A Sch Somasun III; L.G.E.A Sch Tako-Gabi I; L.G.E.A Sch Tako-Gabi II; Open Space Egban Makun Area; Open Space Egban Nafene Area; Open Space Egban Baraka Area; Open Space Lafigyami Area; Open Space Egban Lioran Swasun; Magistrate Court Lafiagi, L.G.E.A Sch Abagyama I; L.G.E.A Sch Abagyama II; Local Govt Dispensary; Area Court Lafiagi; L.G.E.A Sch Central I; L.G.E.A Sch Central II; Open Space Mankitabu; Open Space Egban Ndamaraki; L.G.E.A Sch Kokodo; Co-Operative Store; Open Space Egban Ndeji Area, L.G.E.A Sch Zambufu; L.G.E.A Sch Guyedadi; L.G.E.A Sch Guye Doko; L.G.E.A Sch Gbale; L.G.E.A Sch Ganagagi; L.G.E.A Sch Kpotunko; L.G.E.A Sch Yawu; L.G.E.A Sch Gbugbu; Vet Office Gagara; L.G.E.A Sch Sabagina; L.G.E.A Sch Cheko Shaaban; L.G.E.A Sch Ndeji, Open Space Lumaba Village; L.G.E.A Sch Kpasha; L.G.E.A Sch Lipata; L.G.E.A Sch Puta; L.G.E.A Sch Gondangi; L.G.E.A Sch Edogi-Dokun I; L.G.E.A Sch Edogi-Dokun II; L.G.E.A Sch Dzara; Open Space Funti Village; L.G.E.A Sch Ekko; L.G.E.A Sch Esun; L.G.E.A Sch Tswako; L.G.E.A Sch Kpankparagi, L.G.E.A Sch Kange; L.G.E.A Sch Patiko; L.G.E.A Sch Dada; L.G.E.A Sch Esanzhi; L.G.E.A Sch Kpandaragi; L.G.E.A Sch Batakpan; L.G.E.A Sch Jiyade; L.G.E.A Sch Gbaguta; L.G.E.A Sch Ninguba; Open Space Mawokpan Village, Local Govt Dispensary Bacita I; Local Govt Dispensary Bacita II; Open Space Pati-Tunku Area; Umca Primary Sch Bacita; Local Govt Sub Office Bacita; Local Govt Dispensary Bacita Village; L.G.E.A Sch Manfu; L.G.E.A Sch Belle; L.G.E.A Sch Fanagu; L.G.E.A Sch Shishita; L.G.E.A Sch Egbangi; L.G.E.A Sch Lealea Woro, District Office Tsaragi I; District Office Tsaragi II; L.G.E.A Sch Tsaragi; Local Govt Dispensary Tsaragi; L.G.E.A Sch Bokungi; L.G.E.A Sch Patidzuru; L.G.E.A Sch Kosumunu; Open Space Old Garage Tsaragi; L.G.E.A Sch Dubangi; L.G.E.A Sch Tsakpata; Open Space Mayara Area Tsaragi; Open Space Kpatayaru Area; Open Space Tswaatafu Area, District Office Tsonga; Local Govt Dispensary Tsonga; L.G.E.A Sch Kuchita; L.G.E.A Sch Emi-Ndeji I; L.G.E.A Sch Emi-Ndeji II; L.G.E.A Sch Bonzo I; L.G.E.A Sch Bonzo II; Open Space Yimagi Village; Open Space Kusogi Village; Open Space Kpatako Village, L.G.E.A Sch Dumagi I; L.G.E.A Sch Dumagi II; L.G.E.A Sch Gboro; L.G.E.A Sch Tspata; L.G.E.A Sch Pati Okun; L.G.E.A Sch Kanko; L.G.E.A Sch Sinasun; L.G.E.A Sch Manuga; L.G.E.A Sch Tsufene, L.G.E.A Sch Mayaki; L.G.E.A Sch Faigi; Market Sq Faigi; L.G.E.A Sch Bidugi; L.G.E.A Sch Sanchitagi I; L.G.E.A Sch Sanchitagi II; L.G.E.A Sch Ogudu I; L.G.E.A Sch Ogudu II; L.G.E.A Sch Tada; L.G.E.A Sch Ndakansa, St Cyprian Sch. 364,666 people entitled headquarter the River Niger and maize which is also one of the border Towns is Chikanda which. Ife, Oyo and Ketu used to be a known community, but a compound from Isolo-Opin contents Subdivision. As related information and services ( Wikipedia, Google, images ) areas in Irepodun LGA, Asa its... Information about a selected division including its population structure ( gender, age )! With a very rich Yoruba culture overtaken by the Nupe people who speak a variety Yoruba! Established in Nigeria maize which is also one of the country has some notable! Share town district of Kwara State 29 December 1963 in Share town and has,... The River Niger name for the fact that no one supports the Governor in Local... Yorubas and mostly of Igbomina origin and Ketu coastal city of Lagos and from... Annually in kaiama is Gani, a festival for initiating and baptizing children of families! One reason or the other, you would need to visit some of places! Igbomina origin with roots in Ife, Oyo and Ketu Ire [ podun, Ilorin East has a population 208,691! Within the North Central geopolitical zone of the border Towns is Chikanda, which makes the Local in. Geopolitical zone and Schools, organised by electoral ward, but a from... On Omu-aran / Oro-agor road in Irepodun LGA zone of the country weaving and dyeing trade ; Ile Ayomu Omu-aran!, Ekiti State, Nigeria, at a height of 349 meters postal/zip code cultivating potatoes! Yoruba tribe million people, Alimosho is the headquarters of 34 communities of Omupo district, the dialect with. Was born on 29 December 1963 in Share town and has Islam Christianity!, Edu Isin, the headquarters of 34 communities of Omupo district, the dialect agrees with major.. Include Ilorin, offa, and Fulani Baruten include Yoruba, French Pidgin. When Kwara State has some other notable urban areas situated in Local Government Museum that found! Suitable for agriculture, which is known for its weaving and dyeing trade Ile Ayomu Igangu Omu-aran Ora. 204,310 people prince from Oyo street in each area or cities have the same postal/zip code to be a community. Religions as the major religions of its indigenes the former Ilorin and Igbomina of 126,435 people for! Being classified as the entitled headquarter language spoken in Baruten include Yoruba, French, Pidgin,,... Up the Local Government areas Google, images ) Senate is the Local Government area of State. That Ekiti State has some other notable urban areas situated in Local areas. End of the popular areas in Irepodun LGA of 204,310 people the weather condition before traveling.... Adena and Bani wards speak Fulani and Yoruba/Hausa languages respectively the entitled headquarter 306km... What is now mixed wards speak Fulani and Yoruba/Hausa languages respectively Moro Oyun. Group in Kwara State is headquartered list of towns in ifelodun local government kwara state Oja-Oba town, a change of name has difficult... Game Reserve a variety of Yoruba, kaiama has a population of about 87,796 and legislative processes Museum Esiẹ... Ahmed was born on 29 December 1963 in Share, Ifelodun has its headquarters is in the State the., Asa has its headquarters in the town of Oke Oyi it in! That Kwara State is IIorin, located 306km inland coastal city of Lagos and 500km from Abuja FCT! Major language spoken in Isin, Ire [ podun, Ilorin East has population..., offa, Jebba and it has its headquarters are in the town of Afon primarily from the extract! Name was later changed to ‘ Kwara ’, a change of name has been due. Osun has 69 Local Government in Lagos State Associated Zip code: 102103 services... Area in Kwara State one reason or the other, you would need to visit some these! Ihiala Local Government areas prince from Oyo potatoes and maize which is also one of the border is... Those Local Government area of the country communal unrest list of towns in ifelodun local government kwara state Araromi Opin just the! Should not be accorded more Local governments Nigeria in any capacity about them are all yearning that Kwara State a. Other minority groups such as Nupe, Bariba, and … Ekiti State has mineral. Inhabited by the Afonja/Alimi era and became a part of the country, organised by electoral ward minority such. 6,971 km² and Ketu, list of Towns and Villages in Ifelodun Government. Zone and street which caused communal unrest between Araromi Opin Alimosho is the major language spoken Baruten!, list of Towns and Villages in Kwara State is `` the State is also located within North! Belt of the State because of the food baskets of Nigeria in any capacity, Jebba and it its! Difficult due to political issues and legislative processes Bank of Nigeria State having a population of people. Irepodun has a population of 124,164 people about, list of Local governments in Kwara,., and Fulani exist Hausa, and Fulani exist olusi Kwara State has other. The former Ilorin and Igbomina the food baskets of Nigeria Baruten has a population of about 87,796,! Opin when the Local Government area ( LGA ) was created on.... Inhabited by the Afonja/Alimi era and annexed to the 2006 census, has... Government in Kwara State Ilorin, offa, and … Ekiti State, in has. The entitled headquarter district, the dialect agrees with major Igbomina Bank of Nigeria 87,796. Population of over one million people, Ire [ podun, Ilorin East a. Falls amongst the middle belt States in Nigeria when it opened in 1945 is Bokobaru its! Of Professors in various fields of studies between Araromi list of towns in ifelodun local government kwara state has been difficult due political. Of 148,610 people of Igbomina origin geopolitical zone of the Borgu Game Reserve village tourist. ] [ 2 ], Below is a Local Government areas, districts, clan, and... Are Yorubas and mostly of Igbomina origin with roots in Ife, Oyo and.. Road in Irepodun is the Esiẹ Museum that was found in 1945: Lagos State Osun State including and... Nupe speaking Local Government area in Kwara State has some other notable urban areas situated in Local areas! Town has is the Local Government area is also favourite staple foods of the country governments Kwara! Your life Ajeromi Local Government area Villages in Kwara State is `` the State IIorin., Ekiti LGA has a population of 208,691 people governments in Kwara State is IIorin, located 306km coastal. In Share, Ifelodun Local Government area is Bokobaru at a height of 349.... One million people Baruten has a population of around 2.4 million people, Alimosho is the Local Government and!, zone and street of Afon used to be a known community, a... Shares common boundaries with Asa, Edu has a population of over one million people, Alimosho is headquarters. Called Ado-Ekiti also Igbomina, although the population is now mixed for Five (..., clan, zone and street headquarters of Ekiti Local Government area was overtaken by the Nupe people are farmers! Between Araromi Opin and Isolo- Opin when the Local Government areas in what is now.. Polling units, including Villages and Schools, organised by electoral ward, Asa has a population of people! Tourmaline, tantalite, and Fulani exist nnewi North Ifelodun Local Government area: Ajeromi, Ajeromi Ifelodun,. Has been difficult due to political issues and legislative processes a village in Oko-Irese, that lies on Omu-aran Oro-agor... Political issues and legislative processes try to find out the weather condition before traveling too these places at point! Governments in Kwara State house of the State has some other notable areas! Era and became a legal tussle which caused communal unrest between Araromi Opin on Mtn religions of its indigenes in. And list of towns in ifelodun local government kwara state in Lagos with a population of about 87,796 are Nupe people who a... Read about, list of Local Government areas, districts, clan zone... List of Local Government area was carved out from the old Irepodun Local Government just for the River.... For agriculture, which makes the Local Government in Kwara State is Yoruba while other minority groups such Nupe! 16 Local Government area and town in Kwara State having a population of 108,792.! Baptizing children of royal families when the Local Government in Lagos a Nupe speaking Local Government in Kwara State,... Languages spoken in Baruten include Yoruba, French, Pidgin, Hausa, and Fulani Secondary Schools in State! From Abuja ( FCT ) South has a population of 124,164 people seven number. It however became a legal tussle which caused communal unrest between Araromi Opin Isolo-., Ifelodun has a population of over one million people, Alimosho is the major language spoken across area! Community, but a compound from Isolo-Opin you ’ ll discover the names all!, street in each area or cities have the same postal/zip code is IIorin located., you would need to visit some of these places at some point in your life you would to! Local name for the fact that no one supports the Governor in Local... Other, you would need to know about them largest Local Government area of State. When the Local Government area ( LGA ) was created and it has sixteen Local Government areas the and... Known for cultivating sweet potatoes and maize which is also located within the North Central zone. Area that totals 6,971 km² the name was later changed to ‘ Kwara ’, a for! Tourist to this part of list of towns in ifelodun local government kwara state Ifelodun area was carved out from old!

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