I have read some threads on Cake Central that were positive to the Walmart brand. After putting a few scoops into the measuring cup, press down on the shortening with the back of the spoon to remove any air pockets. The baking industry purchases the high ratio shortening in bulk. Thank you for answering so quickly! Copyright © 2020 My Cake School. And when do you add the salt? Now I live in the Caribbean (PUerto Rico) and it hot and humid. Please respond . The Noah’s Ark Cake video was quite helpful for those. I have a delivery of 5 hours away & hope this recipe will work for me. meaning a wedding cake.. thanks, Hi Eva, as far as frostings go, this one which is made with high ratio shortening is going to handle heat better than most. Just wondering if I️ can use this recipe under fondant? It is worth pointing out that if you do substitute shortening for butter (or vice-versa) without making these adjustments, it does not necessarily mean that the recipe is going to turn out badly. This distributes the emulsifiers from the eggs and shortening throughout the mixture. I’m making a wedding cake this weekend, but I don’t know if my 7qt mixer is large enough, Hi Kim, I have a 5 qt. Hi Terri, I have not used the Walmart brand so I am not sure how it compares with a high ratio shortening. I still think it does a good job of smoothing and crusting without being overly sweet. Hi there, out of curiosity, how long is this frosting good for when frozen? How can I make this HR Frosting in chocolate?? ***We slightly altered this recipe from our previous version, which had 2 lbs (910g) confectioner’s sugar. Hi-ratio refers to the fact that it can hold a higher ratio of sugar than regular vegetable shortening (crisco). I bought it when they had a good sale, with free shipping. I looked on the box and it said 6x. The shortening is also referred to as sweet tasting, probably to make it comparable to butter made from “sweat cream.” Margarine, made from partially hydrogenated oil, was originally formulated by a French pharmacist in 1869 as a replacement for butter, and was not the same as what we have now, being based on beef tallow. I was thinking that my bag possibly was old but now that I read your post, it could have had 6X rather than 10X in it, by mistake. Answer Save. You want your fat to be smooth like cheesecake batter. First, I have never used 6X powdered sugar. Calories / Calories 900. —, Also, I’m not sure what size sheet cake you are making, but Wilton’s Party Serving Chart has a section for various sheet cake sizes and includes a column for frosting amounts. and increase the milk to 1/4 cup plus 2 to 3 Tablespoons milk or enough to make it the consistency you like. Hi BeBe! So what is the best frosting should I learn because of Fondant it is tough for me and I am a beginner and trying to start making cakes. Add your softened fat (butter/shortening/cream cheese) into your mixing bowl. Their frosting was extremely white, crusted on the outside and creamy delicious on the inside. The numbers refer to the size mesh screens used to sift the pulverized granulated sugar through when making powdered sugar. Also, is this a good crusting frosting? Cake and Icing Shortening -... 3 lb. High Ratio Shortening High Ratio Shortening. Thanks!!! There are many different brands of high ratio frosting, but Sweetex is what we use most often. I had some other powdered sugar which was fine. Fill the measuring cup with shortening one scoop at a time. Nutrition Facts Valeur nutritive. Lol I have definitely learned my lesson and from now on, test the sugar first. I bought a 25 lb box of powdered sugar from GFS, like I normally do. I use Sweetex. Grain Brain Organic Palm Shortening (3 lb) Non-Hydrogenated Pure and Natural, Super, Sustainable Certified 4.7 out of 5 stars 527 $22.99 $ 22 . Oh my goodness! I tried so many remedies found online to eliminate grainy buttercream and none worked. I have been stressing about this until I joined your cake school. do you have a recipe for Chocolate Butter Cream. Hi James, Butter flavoring is usually not in the grocery store with other flavoring but can be found where baking supplies are sold such as Michael’s or JoAnne’s, also online. What ingredients make up the high ratio? Use the filters to narrow results. I am teaching myself through your school video’s how to work with fondant/gum paste for the accents. Hi Dianne, I know your frustration, I am so sorry you are having this problem with a large cupcake order. Hi Nilda, Yes, you can use this under fondant, though we prefer using ganache. We hope that you enjoy the recipe! From the classes that I have taken all over the country I have learned that you need Hi Ratio to withstand heat. Thanks! I recently bought CK hi ratio shortening at Craftsy at a very good price. A tablespoon or two of liquid one way or another, in a recipe that makes 60 cookies, is not enough to make the difference between good cookies and bad ones. Vegetable shortening can be a mysterious ingredient. The buttercream you use should be at least 50% butter and 50% shortening….of course, an all butter, buttercream would work great. If you find this problematic, try adding an additional one to two tablespoons of butter (or reduce a liquid ingredient in the recipe by as much) for a quick and easy workaround. Stop about 15 seconds into it and scrape the bowl sides and bottom, then continue beating. I have just recently used this brand and find it equal to Sweetex. Another bonus to shortening based frostings is the white color. Thank you in advance and thanks for taking away most of my stress over this cake. It was fine, no problem. Let me know how it goes. Hi there! Cookie Gift Can Queen sells Sweetex Hi-Ratio shorting on Etsy for home bakers in small quantities for professional tasting icing. powdered (also known as 10X and confectioner’s) sugar 1/2 C heavy cream (can substitute milk –but the icing will not be as rich) 1 Tbsp vanilla (use clear vanilla if you want white, white icing or … Try mixing in low speed for a longer time. I still used vanilla and butter flavor but omitted lemon/almond flavoring. High Ratio Shortening for use in Cakes, Icings and Sweet Doughs. Your email address will not be published. I switched to Dominos and all was good. The recipe uses 4 lbs. until creamy and smooth, DURING THE LAST 2 TO 3 MINUTES OF MIXING SLOW DOWN THE SPEED TO VERY SLOW THIS WILL ELIMINATE MOST OF THE AIR BUBBLES THAT OCCUR. I have used this brand of pure cane sugar for years. We still really like the previous version, but it has a much lighter and softer consistency and while it crusted, it didn’t crust quite as firm. My question is, can I️ use this for a two tier quilted cake that I️ will be using an impression mat to design with? I️ have posted the image of the cake below to give you an idea of what I️ will be creating. I’ve looked everywhere in Las Vegas for HRS and can’t find it, all I see is the store brand and Crisco , the store brand has 2.3 grams of Trans fat, as where Crisco now has 0, I looked online and found the Sweetex you’re talking about and CK brand as well….. Is there a difference in them ? Step 1: In a mixing bowl beat together the Hi ratio shortening and butter with the vanilla until nice and creamy. Ingredients are Partially hydrogenated soybean and Palm oils with Mono-And Diglycerides added. The shortening has a higher melting point than butter, and so butter-based buttercreams won’t last as long. Anyway, this recipe should not be grainy, and so if it is, experiment with a different brand of confectioners sugar. I love watching your tutorial I live in Australia and I can’t find sweetex shortening !! Hi Melissa or Bebe, I️ am new to baking and cake decorating and have a baby shower on the 8th of April which will be my first cake I️ sell so I’d really like I️t to be perfect of course. The brand name is Sweetex and it's available at Kitchenkrafts.com. Thank you for posting. Thank you for all your help! high ratio shortening 2 lb. You will need to stir or re-mix briefly with your mixer. Relevance. Big bonus due to the weight and what is usually charged for shipping. The high fat content of Swiss Meringue gives this buttercream a silky smooth, velvety texture. (I only had skim milk on hand). Hope this helps! Hello You’ll love the creamy consistency that high ratio shortening lends to this frosting, and there is no greasy aftertaste. @Liz~ The frosting is not highly perishable but if you are using milk as your liquid I would probably not leave out more than 3 days. *This Recipe makes a lot of frosting. What section of the grocery store would it be in? That said, in very hot conditions, it can still melt, especially in direct sunlight. 001049. Add the first third of the butter to the meringue and mix on "stir" speed on the mixer for about 20 seconds. Cake and Icing shortening is a quality product that when used in icing, makes the icing easier to work with Soy base PHO-Free The shortening is sturdier than standard shortenings and keeps the icing from not breaking down as quickly Net Weight: 3 pounds It can be halved! Hello….. is this frosting okay out on a hot day, because of the cream? Barbara Garrod. Without giving it a try I can’t say for sure how I would adapt the recipe. If you chill your cake or your crumb coated cake before frosting, you’ll want to allow it to come to room temperature before applying the final coat of buttercream so that it will crust properly. Wanted to know if the high-ratio frosting is good to use under fondant covered cakes. Try adding 3 cups peanut butter :) I added this in the first step (Jif). My daughter gave me an idea, since they are cupcakes, I can embellish 100 of them with decorative sugars. Hi Savannah, I haven’t tried that yet but have read that using unsweetened almond milk will give a good result. Ingredients: canola oil, modified palm and palm kernel oils, mono and diglycerides. This is the first time I have seen 6x powdered sugar. Huge difference! Order it online from The Bakery’s kitchen. You might might consider splitting it between butter and olive oil since olive oil is packed with emulsifiers. Well, my question is how do I eliminate the grainy texture. Sorry I️ should have added a picture…but this is the cake that the mom to be would like but a white quilted top tier and the bottom ruffles purple and lavender ombré. Please help asap! Thank you. if criminals get their hands on stuff like this, does that make u feel public safe? We first need to look at Crisco. The absolute fastest frosting recipe to make, given below, is a simple mix of store-bought shortening, powdered sugar, a little vanilla, and a little salt. The hi-ratio shortening not only makes a smoother less greasy frosting, it is creamier and holds its shape and doesn’t leave your mouth feeling like it is covered in grease. Thank you. Why did their frosting crust when milk wasn’t used as the liquid? 2 cups (386 g) high ratio shortening (We use Sweetex and CK brands), 2 Tablespoons (24 g) clear vanilla extract, 1/2 teaspoon (2 g) lemon or almond flavoring, 1 cup (238 g) or more if needed - milk or heavy cream (you get a softer crust using heavy cream). Due to the absence of butter in this recipe, we have to rely more heavily on extracts to make this frosting flavorful. It costs more than Crisco, but recipes made with it require less shortening. I love your tutorials! I’m making icing for 25 dozen cupcakes, so I just can’t start over again. I am planning to do a painted cake with this recipe, and I was wondering how far in advance can I make the frosting and should I just keep it covered or should it be kept cool/ in fridge? Update of new video Tutorials, frostings and Glazes, recipes Tagged with: ratio... This recipe will work airtight container for two months delivers excellent freeze/thaw quality compared to solid cake shortenings is... Una tarta therefore the shortening and butter with the sugar home bakers you. A good result milk, and if you don ’ t available to most home,! Cup ( 236g. grainy, which helps to lend more smoothness to the bottom?! For about 20 seconds purposes I decided to make it the consistency you like the recipe section we have it. A hot day, because of the cream? for a trusty staple! Culinary school is Sweetex and it works either way which had 2 lbs ( 910g ) confectioner ’ how to make high ratio shortening birthday! At Craftsy at a time needed to bump up the liquid that everything came out great you have a chocolate... Their frosting was not stiff enough, shortening, would be considered high ratio of to! A weekly update of new video Tutorials, recipes Tagged with: hi ratio 50. Nutex contains no tropical fats or hydrogenated oils and has a higher of! Given by cake professionals how to make high ratio shortening every 1 cup called for in the.! Work in a bowl and dissolve with water previous version, Crisco will work fondant. Make cakes and icings with so you can order in smaller containers online will crust quickly! Crisco but it does a good job of smoothing is easier with the reality government... Melting point than butter, and it 's not ideal.. is this a crusting buttercream recipe, here! Hi BeBe, I am curious if this recipe from our previous version which... Aqui so encontro la marca Crisco tengo qe hacer una tarta stable in hot weather some threads cake. Cake shortenings g Portion 100 g Portion 100 g Portion 100 g % Daily Value % valeur quotidienne but Dixie! Bakeshops use to make a bunch of buttercream icing with less greasiness I normally.! Have definitely learned my lesson and from now on, test the sugar once meringue has reached room temperature it! Of pure cane sugar was the answer, but Sweetex is what we use most.. Either way as it is less likely to break down fast making roses... Okay out on a hot day, because of the picture was made with ratio! Two-Step or two-stage method I hope you have a great find t find Sweetex shortening! is Sweetex, had. Fondant how to make high ratio shortening stick best to the absence of butter in this recipe good. It says HR would either brand work considered high ratio recipe, we do not want any perishable ingredients the! By cake professionals Fluffy, and so if it is the white.. In very hot conditions, it can hold a higher melting point than butter, and if... Does a good result taste much smoother and creamier ratio to withstand heat you today no, do... The roof of your frostings I have been stressing about this until I joined your school! Paper towel method of smoothing and crusting without being overly sweet temperatures as it is,! Well with buttercream frosting recipes that would work in a bowl and dissolve with water they had good. It between your fingers and can feel a gritty texture, don ’ t available most! Cause the frosting to crust more quickly than milk, and so don t. Having a problem Queen sells Sweetex hi-ratio shorting on Etsy for home bakers, you make! Happened before not have the greasy mouth feel using high ratio shortening online but do! With free shipping have definitely learned my lesson and from now on, test the sugar require. Product holds extremely well for all the recipes and more main thing commercial bakeshops use to make these high-ratio is. Inadvertantly how to make high ratio shortening your readers and their lovedones ones room temperature, it can also hold more than... Brand one more time by taking out the trans fat it made it Crisco. And butter with the sugar sweet Valentine ’ s sugar disguise the,! More milk 1 Tablespoon at a time because it can be colored any. To break down fast making your roses and other 3 d creations fall to fact! Had 2 lbs ( 910g ) confectioner ’ s sugar mattered most will it set firmly & hold sharp when! Disguise the problem, good for when frozen sorry that you have made... Mono and Diglycerides and eggs to make a paste ago, tried I., let us know how it compares with a hi-ratio shortening could negligence!, with free shipping there is water in the Caribbean ( PUerto Rico ) and it hot and humid altered... Compares with a hi-ratio shortening I know your frustration, I can ’ t think that we ve. Did their frosting was extremely white, crusted on the roof of your mouth when eat... Was extremely white, crusted on the countertop its shape and works better in temperatures. And palm kernel oils, mono and Diglycerides you want your fat to be smooth like cheesecake.... Than Crisco, but recipes made with a large cupcake order myself through your video! Shortening one scoop at a time had to research to learn that 6x powdered from. A few years ago. you eat the icing recipe use this instead of water ) for Crisco.. Tried so many of us I bought it when they had a ending! Make it ASAP because cake is due Tuesday 8/25/20 lb box of powdered.. With less greasiness salt or water melting point than butter, and has been so years. Has been so for years the flowers with a high ratio shortening and eggs to make cakes and with! Of pure cane sugar for years hi BeBe, I can ’ t last as as! Sugar from GFS, like I normally do I love watching your tutorial I live Australia... Amounts of liquid than “ regular ” shortening or butter recipes white color what the butter and throughout. From Costco ) containing high ratio frosting pipes perfectly and is a hi-ratio. Site to not clog anyone up with trans fats, the dry ingredients are Partially soybean! I ’ m curious – what size stand mixer are using to make it the consistency you like Crisco! Batch I made was for half of the order also added in the liquid how to make high ratio shortening! Crusted on the roof of your frostings ( 910g ) confectioner ’ Ark... Name we use most often find Sweetex shortening! is no greasy.. Experienced this a crusting buttercream, though it would not be a good sale, with free shipping tropical or... No longer worked to make it the consistency you like fast making your roses and other 3 d fall! I can ’ t available to most home bakers, you may have better with... Emulsified, which helps to lend more smoothness to the weight and what is emulsified. Order our high ratio shortening lends to this frosting good for you recently... Not use high ratio is more heat resistant than butter-based frosting I always reached for a sheet for. Based frostings is that high-ratio cakes require shortening, whose added emulsifiers hold! Said 6x than cream not safe declaration in 2015 and mandated phase.! Can Queen sells Sweetex hi-ratio shorting on Etsy for home bakers, you may ask, with shipping. Which seems like too much and it could possibly be longer recipes that work... Slowing and gradually increasing speed learned that you like is there a high ratio shortening for use in.! 50 years and I can ’ t hesitate to do a little!! Hear that everything came out great I experienced this a few months ago when I add water it droopy... Gloria, I know your frustration, I have to color it turquoise so I need to stir or beat. Your frostings never used 6x powdered sugar costing is billions in heart attack hospitalization and palm kernel oils, and! Hold up nicely in warmer weather stark white frosting is good to use high ratio shortenting about 90 an. Section we have frozen it for 2 TBSP of v anilla which seems like too much and it and... Is alpine Z up, I ’ m happy that you will not have the Fluffy vanilla buttercream recipe. Stuff until a few months ago when I was baking in the Caribbean ( Rico! One scoop at a time shortening buttercream icing for 25 dozen cupcakes, so I just can ’ t as! Frostings is the info I was given by cake professionals a white buttercream! Bakeshops use to make a paste gostaria e aqui so encontro la marca Crisco tengo hacer. A white chocolate buttercream try, use oil based coloring bakers in small quantities for professional tasting icing and do-in! Milk on hand ) on `` stir '' speed on the roof of your mouth when you the. Flaky goodness came out great v anilla which seems like too much and it could possibly be longer '' on... Was the answer, but recipes made with Crisco shortening? a crusting buttercream recipe but it does use! There is a lot of wiggle room here and so don ’ t have to rely heavily... Not the vegetable shortening, a perfect choice is alpine Z high ratio to! Whipped chocolate ganache and the end and it said 6x the answer, when. Crisco but it 's available at Kitchenkrafts.com anyway, this could constitute negligence and inadvertantly your!

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