any recommendation of shops for custom fabrications in the socal area? It will provide full front-end protection, optional winch, and recovery points which are all good options to have in remote locations or rough terrain. The aluminum option weighed 62lbs and came with square fog cutouts. Our content is pretty fire! Thanks! CBI is a great choice due to its strong design and low weight. The only difference between them is the weight of the steel 3-hoop due to materials. While ARB is one of the biggest brands in the off-road community, their bumper does not come with any special options, however, this is a long-time depended upon bumper. Sign Up. I have a Limited and hate its looks. body armor > product > toyota > 2014-2020 4runner > 2014-2020 toyota 4runner hiline front winch bumper. I’ll be using them time and time again. The R1 features an optional bull bar, unlike the elite. you say that the expedition one bumper is compromised and I believe you meant to say/spell comprised. Just to add for consideration as a hidden winch mount bumper in aluminum. 0 # 3460386804. Bummer on both. Love the articles but would GREATLY appreciate you consolidating these into comparison tables (weight, cost, protection, rating, install difficulty, etc) with links to the actual products. In this article, we’re going to go through the installation process for one of their latest products, the HiLine front bumper. 2020+ 4Runner Bumper Options. TC-19339 2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma HiLine Front Winch Bumper. Teton Workshop 5th Gen 4Runner Shift Knob,,, Keeps the stock look but increase protection, Only covers the lower midsection of the front end, Bull Bar: Can be customized to be shorter or taller if contacted, Winch line opening “front access hole” or front 2″ receiver tube, Only covers the lower midsection (minimal protection vs. full-length), 3/4″ thick D-Ring tabs standard – fully welded front and back. The latest in new 4Runner parts, products and gear. 3rd Gen (1995.5-2002) 4th Gen (2003-2009) 5th Gen (2010-2020) Toyota Tacoma. Great write up. I went with the SSO slimline hybrid but I had no idea they came out with a stage two add on. BudBuilt 5th gen 4Runner hidden winch mount 2010-13. I know they filed bankruptcy but I want to leave the image up for others to possibly pull some inspiration from. Aren’t your shocks Bilsteins? Bumper Accessories. For options, you can choose between no bull bar, a mid-height bull bar, or a full height bull bar with gussets. It just replaces the plastic bumper. Picked up a Body Armor Hiline bumper through Tacomabeast and it came in today so I threw it on the truck. Straight from the owner above: Like most aftermarket slimline bumpers, there is a small gap between the bumper and front skid. The southern style offroad 4Runner slimline hybrid is a good choice for those looking for protection off-road without a steep price. Colorado (2015-2020) Prinsu Roof Racks. Our newsletter is pretty much the best thing you'll ever read! The bumper can also be configured with .120 wall, 1-3/4″ diameter HREW upper tubing in three different “bull bar” designs to protect the upper grille and headlights from impacts and provide a mount for a number of accessories. Not yet. This bumper is CNC cut out of  3/16″ and 1/4″ plate steel. Many shops can make you front-end protection much cheaper and at the same quality as any mainstream fabrication companies. If you like the look, just give them a call and they will make something work for you. My dealer disassembled my struts, reassembled with the new springs and shocks, then did a front end alignment for less than $300. In the always-growing, never-ending aftermarket support for these trucks, Body Armor 4X4 has joined the competition with this very stout and well built Pro Series Front Bumper. $309.00. Thanks!! 4×4 labs does have this addition which is a beauty. The 2014+ 4Runner Hybrid bumper is a unique combination of a plate steel center with round tube on the sides and can be customized in three different versions. Instead of waiting 6-12 weeks for a bumper, you can have one built just for your truck and installed in a few days. This will require cutting to the factory body but it will look close to a factory appearance after installed. Summit Racing Gift Cards - Always the Perfect Gift! It comes un-powder coated C4 fab currently does not offer powder coating. I figured since you threw that info in there you’d be able to point me the right direction. These 2 words have 2 different definitions. You can cut your factory bumper to have the upper half fill the gaps. Any help is greatly appreciated. If you have a SR5 model, they provide a template for the cut. Replacing the power steering lines provides more room for the winch and also removes the low hanging “U shaped” portion of the lines near where the bumper bolts to the frame so that the lines are not exposed to obstacles and debris. The Stingray is made with 3/16″ CNC cut steel and features 3/4″ thick through-welded steel recovery points. No bull bar; Full height bull bar compatible with TSS ; Victory 4×4 Blitz Slim Front Winch Bumper: Check Price. The Expedition One is one of the better choices on the list due to its build quality but does come in at a steep price. It comes in an all-aluminum version which, while the weight difference is not listed, maybe 60/75lbs. With those sizes, this design is still fairly lightweight and much stronger. The best part about custom fabrication is that they are one-off builds. Very happy with how it came out. Also, free shipping if you buy from AMZN: I’m definitely going to be adding that now. Makes it so much easier to decide on what to upgrade to. This is a list of the top 15 “most common” options. Get answers to all your questions. The front bumper on both 4Runner models are completely different. Credit: General Overland (R1 Option Pictured). For example, RCI offers a “filler plate” when using their skids, but this only mounts up to the stock bumper, not aftermarket. The bumper itself only weighs 55/60Lbs. Without the expensive led lights, this would be an affordable choice for someone wanting full protection. They offer two traditional full-length options along with one low profile option. I really haven’t had any dissatisfaction with the Stingray or Relentless Fabrication, though. … You say that the Slimline “aluminum weighs in at 33.5lbs (Only 19lbs heavier than stock once installed).” But on the Slimline website I’m digging around for one that weighs less than 60 lbs. The Banshee has a 20″ light bar slot and a winch mount for up to a 10,000lb winch. The Lo Pro is compatible with the TRD Pro skidplate along with other common aftermarket skid plates. This design supports a winch up to 9,500Lbs. This ranges from the full-width front and rear bumpers to smaller low profile bumpers such as the well known C4 Fabrication Lo Pro or SSO. C4 Fabrication is proud to produce industry leading off road Toyota bumpers, sliders, and armor. On the 2020 4runner off road, there is a plastic cover that keeps the bumper from matching the cars brackets. With over 15 years in the off road industry, you can trust that C4 products will be the absolute best choice for your vehicle. Both bumpers come with identical options which are winches and then the optional satin black smooth finish powder coating. The optional hoop is made from ring rolled tubing. Removable … SSO created this original add-on (pictured above) which allows you to keep the factory look of your 4Runner while gaining about 12″ of additional clearance over the OEM plastics at the tires. Get Up to 20% Off the Trail 4Runner Store! Shrockworks is a common aftermarket armor brand for 4Runners so right out of the gates, you should know this front bumper is going to be great. First, let’s go over the Low-Profile Banshee Bumper that is available.,, KC HILITES Rock Lights on 5th Gen 4Runner, 5th Gen Mods, Accessory Lights, Lighting, Reviews, 4Runner Armor, 5th Gen Mods, DIY, Install, Maintenance, Rear Bumpers, Beyond Wraps Hood Scoop Stamp – 5th Gen 4Runner. The 2010-2013 and then the 5.5 Gen which is 2014-current. The Relentless Stingray features similar options as well. Toyota 4Runner. Either the HF tube bumper or something built locally by Stellar Built in Sacramento, who knows though. It looks much cleaner and is designed to withstand the elements of nature when it comes time to rust, this bumper will not sweat it. Cutout and mounting tabs designed to work with Baja Designs S8 30″ light and Rigid SR series 30″. Similar to the C4 Fab and SSO bumpers. Addicted off road is known for some pretty sweet body armor in previous 4Runner generations. Many bumpers have built-in mounting locations for winch options, light bars, headlights, and even fog lights. FPO/AP) stationed in Guam. GET PAID FOR WRITING A 4RUNNER PRODUCT REVIEW OR STEP BY STEP INSTALL. Toyota 4Runner SR5 / TRD Pro 2020, 2" Star Armor™ Textured Black Nerf Bars by Tyger®, 1 Pair. For the late model design, you can choose between no bull bar, just the grille bar or a full grille and headlight bar assembly. Hefty Fabworks offers a few models. Our newsletter is pretty much the best thing you'll ever read! They were Toyota, don’t remember what Japanese manufacturer. Design wise, it covers a smaller area but its built out of the same 3/16′ durable steel. a lot of ideas here – why was Warn semi hidden kit with bull bar not included? The ARB full-length features a built-in winch mounting slot compatible with electric winches up to 10,000lbs and comes with ARB powder-coated black. Might be a little better to separate the low-pro bumpers from the full replacements, but still a great write-up! The bull bar on this bumper is low profile because a 30″ light bar actually mounts directly under it. The springs were about $200 and the socks not much more. Hi!! Made out of CNC cut P&O 3/16″ steel, features 3/4″ weld through shackles, and weighs around 75lbs. However, add a winch to the bumper, even with synthetic line, be prepared to upgrade your front suspension. That is what I’m looking at too. 1st Gen (2000-2006) 2nd Gen (2007-2020) Toyota Land Cruiser. Love the new look. You made me nervous about the suspension. Body Armor > Product > Toyota > 2014-2020 4RUNNER. JL-19532 2018-2020 JT Mid Stubby Front Bumper. Did you get yours with or without the access holes? I like Toyota's, exploring remote locations, taking photos, cooking, camping, wheeling, and a good bowl of ramen... or tacos. Armor is anything that protects your 4Runner from common off-road or on-road damage. Fantastic article! Note : Turn signals are … TR-19339 2014-2020 Toyota 4Runner HiLine Front Winch Bumper. Installation of the cooler kit is straight forward and does not require draining the power steering system. If you’re familiar with Northern California right now, it’s very dry and we don’t have a lot of soft leaves on trees to cushion the inevitable brush alongside the 4Runner. Armor is anything that protects your 4Runner from common off-road or on-road damage. This section has been updated with their new 2014+ 4Runner Low-Profile Banshee Bumper. Play Video Read Guide. It was still a relatively good install. Top FIVE Mods for you! The best part is that your bumper will be fully built to your exact needs and specifications. The added pieces come powder coated to match. 4×4 Labs offers a full-length steel replacement. I do entry level off-roading and don’t want to commit yet to one but what the extra clearance. Thanks for the tip! The Low-Profile Banshee Bumper bumper will work on all 5.5 Gens (2014-current). They also protect the front corners of the vehicle from impacts with rocks, trees, or road crossing animals. Not sure when or if C4 has something like this coming out in the future. I guess if you have a 2010-13 runner you’re options are severely limited! You will not have to worry about this with ARB. The 2014+ 4Runner Overland Series Front Bumper. Winch capable up to 10k lb with a non-integrated solenoid. Done, moved all the lower profiles up top. Yes, another low profile design. For fog lights you can choose between your factory 4Runner fog lights or you can upgrade to high led output foglights for +$175. As the name states, it features a bull bar along with headlight guards which is great for offroading. This is a pretty heavy bumper weighing in at 191 lbs. All 4 for an additional +$35 will add turn signals for 2010-13 models. This allows you to add a winch to the front valance with minimal work to install. The Addicted Off-Road Plate option is 115lbs and is made out of steel and feature D-ring shackle mounts on the winch plate. The new and improved ARB Summit bumper has a pressed winch cover panel, larger and upgraded ARB fog lights, and a two-piece split pan grill. This bumper does not work on Limited trim levels or 2010-2013 4Runners. It mounts underneath the grille and provides protection to key areas without adding that extra weight like a full-length build. About; Contact; Warranty; News; Become A Dealer ; 2019 Catalog Download; Installation Instructions; … My setup added about 120lbs so I’m having to replace my stock setup with Bilsteins and Dobsons heavier lift springs to compensate. About; Contact; Warranty; News; Become A Dealer; 2019 Catalog Download; Installation Instructions Jeep Parts from VPR 4x4, the world's leading manufacturer of bumpers and accessories, built to last. It also features holes for a front license plate that allows you to cover up the hole if a winch is not used or if you need a front license plate in your state. Shrockworks is compatible with 2010-2013 models and for an additional $80 it is compatible with 2014-19 models. The SSO slimline is similar to the C4 Fab Lo Pro. This builds is compatible with most 8-10k lb winches, with fairlead cutouts for access to your winch. It offers excellent protection from rocks, trees and animal strikes and has been kept to a weight of 110lbs through careful design work. I just did the front end on mine. N-Fab® Black Rock Rails. Which one are you going to get and when does the 5th gen rear bumper article come out? Take a look at Victory 4×4 too! For customization, you can choose to upgrade to aftermarket fog lights, and you can add a 30″ light bar. I currently am [...], 2020+ 5th Gen 4Runner TSS & Bumper Compatibility: Everything You Need To Know Do you have your eye set on a new bumper for a 2020+ 4Runner? I have the SSO slimline. Protecting your rocker panels is incredibly important with sliders. Remove the headlight guard which saves you $20. Too bad, they made great stuff. Cause really like the slimline of SSO with the 2 modules but don’t have in budget to redo my shocks yet. Thanks! They crawl, claw and grip at rocks with ease due to their bold tread pattern and studdable design, ready to tackle any terrain. TR-19339 2014-2020 Toyota 4Runner HiLine Front Winch Bumper. It has 3/4″ mounting brackets, mounting in a total of 14 locations. The C4 Lo Pro also allows you to add a winch, which as we know is incredibly useful off-road, alone or with a crew. The ARB front bumper design is not the most pretty, sleek or slim by any means. Now for the first full-length design, it is available for all years 2010-19 and for all models. With the stage 2, you make cuts in your bumper at an angle, and then cup those cut lines with steel. They offer 3 full-length designs for our generation. FOR EXCLUSIVES AND THE LATEST NEWS AND OFFERS. This design comes raw steel ready to be powder coated. I’m just trying to figure out how important having the access holes are versus not. 2021 Toyota 4Runner Off-Road Bumpers. Form follows function with the ARB bull bar full-length. You just need to piece together your set-up on this option. Can be ordered with or without 30″ LED light bar cutout. The steel option weighed 130Lbs and also came with the same configuration. 4Runner Tested and industry proven scrubbing technology. Thanks Brenan keep up the good work! Buy now, pay later with. One cool feature is their interchangeable grille inserts. Anyone in Sacramento area who gets a full bumper and wants to sell their TRD or sr5 front bumper hit me up. FOR EXCLUSIVES AND THE LATEST NEWS AND OFFERS. Available in multiple powder coating colors, Only available for 2010-13 4Runner models, Super lightweight and possible medium weight, Relocate power steering line if you use a winch, Multiple light configurations (factory or upgrades), No available options to customize or choose parts, Not a lot of information given by the manufacturer. Front Bumpers. $717.08 TAC Modular Bull Bar Fit 2010-2021 Toyota 4Runner (Exclude 2014-2021 Limited & 2019-2021 Nightshade Edition) (Patent No. Depending on what hoop you want to run – just bolt it on. Mounting tabs for 30″ light bar and most 3 1/2″ fog lights or Pods. Whether you are going with steel or aluminum, you will find all the front bumper information you need right here. 1st Gen (1996-2004) 2nd Gen (2005-2015) 3rd Gen (2016-2020) Toyota Tundra. It has a few lighting and winch options on the site and can come with a textured powder coat or in bare metal. JL-5125 2018-2020 JL & JT Fabricated Hoop. Pure 4Runner : 2010-2021 - 4Runner, Hilux, Surf, Fortuner. The full-length design comes with .134 & .187 & .250 steel body and braces weighing 101Lbs and 116Lbs with the front Bar. I have a 2015 trd with the TRD shocks. This ranges from the full-width front and rear bumpers to smaller low profile bumpers such as the well known C4 Fabrication Lo Pro or SSO. any suggestions ? Below you will find general specs and information on the top 15 front bumpers every owner should consider when buying armor. Show items: 60; 90; 120; Sort by. Ships bare steel (C4 does not offer powder coating), Requires cutting the original plastic bumper cover, Requires removing the original steel power steering cooler lines and replacing them with the power steering cooler kit, Weight: 35lbs over stock (total weight about 55 lbs), Center full bar hoop along with headlight guards. : US 10,315,599 B2) 5.0 out … We took our fancy new armor off-road to see how it would hold up to the elements. Please use caution ordering from them. TSS compatible angled bull bar; Body Armor 4×4 Hiline Series Front Bumper: Check Price. This bumper allows you to forget about approach angle and substantially improves the offroad capability of your 4Runner. Shop Body Armor 4x4 bumpers, sidebars, roof racks, and more at Summit Racing. Adding shocks and springs to my list. . Any one know if any of these shops ship international (i.e. Body Armor 4X4 Pro Series Plate Bumper Step-By-Step Install & Review for the 3rd Gen Tacoma. Depending on the winch and lights you add to the bars it can be almost 250lbs of front end weight added to your 4Runner. Two pieces for under headlights. The custom fabrication around the lights is top notch. Bumpers (1) HiLine Series (1) Featured (1) Best Sellers (1) Toyota (1) 2014-2020 4RUNNER (1) FRONT BUMPERS. Installing this bumper also we provide with the bumper. This could be a stupid question but I have looked everywhere and cant find an answer so here it goes- why can’t a bumper marketed for 2014+ fit on a 2010-13 model? Pelfrey Bilt offered steel and aluminum full-length design for 2014 and newer model’s. Wrote them in parallel. [...], TRD Pro-Style Grille with Raptor Lights Step-By-Step Install & Full Review for the v1 (2010-2013) 5th Gen 4Runner If you own a 5th gen 4Runner between the years 2010 through 2013, you know it [...], 4xInnovations Full Skid Plate Step-By-Step Install & Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner About Me and My Truck I drive a 2011 4Runner Trail Edition that I purchased used in July of 2018 with only [...], RSG Off-Road Rock Sliders – What You Need For Rock Crawling in the 5th Gen 4Runner When you go off-roading it’s important to protect your vehicle, especially on those trails that have [...], CaliRasied LED Rock Sliders Installation Overview & Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner CaliRaised LED is another option for a great set of off-road sliders for your 5th Gen 4Runner. Trying to figure out which way to go. It is rather clunky and designed to work when you are in extreme conditions. Could prolly do write up if someone wants but here’s about how it went. Toyota 4Runner Base / Limited / Nightshade / SR5 / SR5 Premium / TRD Off-Road / … just wondering if I need to plan the budget for new shocks too. The 2014+ 4Runner Hybrid Series Front Bumper. Thx. They offer different designs for grille inserts as well as a light bar “Illumination series” option. Sign Up. This means that you will need to cut your existing front plastic bumper, but it does help to seamlessly blend the new plate bumper with the existing OEM styling. What is the difference and is there a way to overcome it? which bumper will fit. Yes, both frames are the exact same so you could technically take your entire front bumper off of an early model 4Runner and mount any bumper on to it however the plastic bumper and headlights surrounding… Read more », Will the Carid Armordillo bull bar interfere with sensors on 2020 4Runner TRD off road Venture? One of the biggest problems in the off-road world is you get fly-by-night companies that don’t stand behind their products. WOO!! Front bumpers come in a wide variety of strengths, layout, and designs. The sides of the plated bumper allow for an increased approach angle at the tire, and better clearance for larger tires. I’m looking to try and keep the factory look as much as possible with minimal cutting. Up to 10,000 lbs. For this bumper, the grille hoop is standard and can not be removed (maybe give them a call). Other than coming in aluminum it has an optional washer bottle reservoir skid available, the bull bar is also an optional choice. The 2014+ 4Runner Hybrid bumper is a unique combination of a plate steel center with round tube on the sides and can be customized in three different versions. It is made out of the same thickness of steel and hrew tubing so it weighs almost the same. 2014-2020 toyota 4runner hiline front winch bumper. Mine will have the KDSS (I’m doing a build). He suggested heavier springs for mine. The early model generation 4Runners (10 – 13) and the late model generation 4Runners (14 – 20) have a different front-end all the way down to the headlights. From lower profile bumpers to full-width options, there is something out there for every 4Runner owner. New to the line-up is their front tube winch bumper. I’m trying to determine which bumper is the lightest and easiest to install. Shrockworks also features a hidden winch mount that accommodates most non-integrated solenoid winches up to 9500 lbs. The Greenlane off road company in Vancouver BC makes a great bumper that weighs in at 46lbs. Body Armor > Product > Bumpers > HiLine Series. Thanks. I’ve had a C4 lo pro powder coated and ready to go since their group-buy last year. Sign Up. The options came with standard with 1/4″ steel formed reinforcement brackets and 3/4″ D-ring mounts. I think I used C59-300 springs at his suggestion. The ARB also allows you to keep factory tow mounts, and its airbag approved. Yes, you will need to cut out the plastic center section of the bumper to install the SSO Slimline. TC-19339 2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma HiLine Front Winch Bumper. All 3 can be powder coated if you call in you can have them done in any custom coating. I have a 2020 trd pro 4runner and am looking for a front bumper with bull bar, I’m having trouble finding one that doesn’t interfere with the radar. Demello offers a few designs for the 5th gen. An aluminum 3 hoop, a steel 3 hoop, a flattop steel, and lastly a flattop steel with a single hoop. For additional coverage and protection, the Overland Series bumper offers a skid plate for the venerable washer reservoir to shield it from debris and obstacles. Body Armor 4x4 makes the heavy duty equipment your rig needs to navigate off-road terrain. The southern style offroad slimline hybrid is CNC cut and constructed of 1/8″, 3/16″, and 3/8″ steel. They are also made out of 3/16″ steel with 1 ¾” X .120 hrew tubing and weigh 110-125 LBS. Whats the fun of installing a bumper if was trouble free. With this being said, ARB has taken serious thought in planning for the future in the 2014+ models. Call 305-468-9818 Thanks for the awesome write up! It’s a fairly simple task with a Dremel and patience. Appreciate this very much! You don’t have them on the TRD OffRoad ? They crawl, claw and grip at rocks with ease due to their bold tread pattern and studdable design, ready to tackle any terrain. All other brands of lights not guaranteed to fit properly. C4’s entry into the plate bumper category builds on the beefy center section with the addition of 3/16” laser cut P&O steel wings that form a flat cutoff through the existing front clip. Credit: frankrebelo – See all posts by Frank. Simple cut and it went into place, however I still had to take a jack and push the bumper into alignment with the truck body line. Which model were you referring to? It comes standard with semi-gloss black powder coating. I had to do the replacement front shocks because the old shocks had insufficient travel. You can trust and depend on ARB to provide a very high-quality product and stand behind it. The bumper also features front recovery points, they are a 1″ thick and are welded front and rear, they accept 3/4″ clevis shackles and the width prevents them from flopping around which are available for +$32.

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